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News & Views-April 2014

Blog Post created by Andrea Fristoe on Apr 7, 2014

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April 2014

From the President- Will Our Story Be Told?

Kevin Stacy
NAAE President 2013-2014

Whose job is it to get us there? Is it my job, is it the NAAE's job? Is it your job, or is it your students' and community's responsibility? I believe the answer is all of the above. If one part is missing, then we loose an important spoke in the wheel of success.


2014 NAAE Advocacy Video Challenge WINNER!

Congratulations to students in the agricultural education program at Somonauk High School in Somonauk, Ill., for producing the winning video in our 2014 advocacy video contest! The winning video, Somonauk High School – Bright Futures was created by students Jenna Baker, Monica Loy and Alex Dale under the direction of their teachers Toni Saso and Riley Hintzsche. Click the link to watch the winning video and see our honorable mentions.


Ag Ed Without Advocacy: Missing Something?

By Tara Berescik
Agriculture Teacher
Tri-Valley Central School
Grahamsville, NY

“So who’s ready to advocate for public education?” I asked at a recent meeting…I waited and heard crickets, literally, since we were meeting in my classroom and that is what the lizards eat. Nobody moved. Eyes started to stare at the floor. Coughs started - the kiss of death when a topic has been broached!


National Policy Seminar Wrapup

The 2014 ACTE National Policy Seminar proved to be an exciting opportunity for agriculture teachers across the U.S. to advocate for school-based agricultural education. Twenty-three states were represented by agriculture teachers with 46 participants in the Ag Ed Strand of the seminar.


Teacher Feature: Ron Bray

Many times agriculture teachers struggle with the financial challenge of teaching in a small community. It can be hard to find resources to expand a program, making growth seem at times like an unachievable goal. For Ron Bray, this has never seemed to be an issue.


In Other News...

Teach Ag Update
Making it ALL Possible

The other day I received a request in the mail from an organization that I was involved in during my middle school years.  The request was naturally for money to support the organization that “set me on a clear path to success in life”.  I barely remember being involved in this group so I tossed the papers in the shred pile.


Washington Beat

Catch up on what happened at NPS and hear from attendee Sarah Knutson about how this seminar made a difference in her professional life.


CASE Grows with the addition of the Food Science and Safety Course

Looking to advance, revamp, or just begin your Food Science course? The Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education has added another course to its innovative lineup that will provide exactly what you need to offer an exciting, inquiry-based course for your students.



Ideas Unlimited
Media Table

Keeping a tidy greenhouse was a major struggle when it came time to fill pots and flats with growing media at Preston High School in Preston, Idaho. Ag Teacher Joshua Evans developed a media table to reduce the mess and speed up the greenhouse clean-up process.


Award Winner Soundbite

Check out how Amy Holder’s influence on agriculture teachers throughout the state of Missouri earned her the Region IV Teacher Mentor award. Her lasting impression has truly made a difference!


XLR8 Update

The XLR8 participants haven’t stopped growing and learning since their first professional development event at the 2013 NAAE Convention. 



NAAE Award Applications Available

It's awards season! Apply for a NAAE award - categories for every stage in your career (including scholarships!)


Wes Crawford Receives DuPont AgriScience Award for Teaching Excellence

Wes Crawford, agriscience teacher, Sutherlin High School, Sutherlin, Ore., has been selected to receive the George Washington Carver AgriSCIENCE Teacher’s Award in recognition of his teaching excellence.



Regional Conferences

Regional Conferences are a great way to earn professional development.

Follow this link to find out more about your region's conference»

Do you have an advocacy plan?

Vote Now»

CoP Highlight: Advocate for your Program!!

Legislative Action Center

The Legislative Action Center is a great tool to find out about agricultural education-related legislation near you. It even provides contact information for your state and local representatives, so you can voice your opinion!



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