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News & Views- October 2013

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October 2013

From the President- Who's Excited?!

While I am writing this, I am looking forward to participating in the National Teach Ag Day. I?m sure by the time this is printed, we will have all sorts of amazing stories to share from Teach Ag Day. Whether you have grand plans or simply tell your students that Agriculture Education is a viable career option and we NEED good teachers out there?. I hope your Teach Ag Day Rocks!! Please share your ideas and photos of Teach Ag Day. I know there is a lot of traffic through social media and it is exciting to see the response and knowledge of National Teach Ag Day grow!



Walk The Red Carpet at the Teach Ag Booth
Visit the Teach Ag booth (#619) and give the paparazzi what they've been dying for - shots of rock star future ag teachers! Students can sign up for the campaign, put their name on our Walk to Fame (as an ag teacher) and leave with a brand new Teach Ag t-shirt, Owly (like an Oscar, but better), and a Polaroid shot to commemorate their rise to stardom as an agriculture teacher!


Groom Your Rock Star Skills with Teachers' World Professional Development
Rock out your classroom with the ideas and skills you gather at Teachers' World professional development sessions. While your students get their picture on the Teach Ag red carpet, visit Teachers' World exhibits and take a breather in the Internet Cafe, sponsored by Monsanto. Get details about Teachers' World interactive workshops here.


Grab some Swag at the NAAE booth
Stop by the NAAE booth (1200) and pick up your swag bag, filled with goodies to help you survive the week. While you're there, find out about NAAE convention and other opportunities for NAAE members.

Ag Ed majors - Are you headed to the classroom? Fill out a card for our Classroom Bound display and get a free shirt.


Get Inspired at General Session 5
Don't miss General Session 5, at noon on Friday, when three very special agricultural educators will share their stories and inspire students to become agriculture teachers themselves.

NAAE Convention is Ready for You!

Looking for a great professional development opportunity jam-packed with resources? The 2013 NAAE Convention will feature tools and networking opportunities you won?t want to miss. We have some new features, as well as restructured old favorites, so there is something for everyone.


Shaping Successful Students: Adam Wehling Spotlight

For Adam Wehling, agriculture teacher at Mondovi High School in Mondovi, Wisc., every day starts and ends with his philosophy; ?Always lead by example with energy and passion while empowering students to believe in themselves.?

It?s this unwavering positivity that has led Wehling to success as an agricultural educator since he began teaching in 2003 at Evansville High School, in Evansville, Wisc. After a few years at Evansville, Wehling moved to Mondovi High School in the fall of 2007, and is still teaching there today.


In Other News...

Teach Ag Update
#taglive13- That's a Wrap!

The Fourth Annual National Teach Ag Day celebration was held on Thursday, September 26th.  The National Teach Ag Campaign hosted a 2-hour virtual livestream from the campus of North Carolina A&T University in Greensboro.


Washington Beat
Government Shutdown

As everyone knows, the federal government has officially shut down for the first time in 17 years, as Congress is still unable to reach a resolution to continue funding government programs and operations in the new fiscal year.  So what will this shutdown mean for CTE?


Pre-Service Program

CASE's new pre-service teacher program, which is aimed at producing graduates who are certified to teach a CASE course, completed its first class earlier this year.



Ideas Unlimited
Flag Retirement

For Sally Shomo, a former agriculture teacher at Beverley Manor Middle School in Staunton, Va., the American Flag Retirement Ceremony her FFA chapter hosts each year is not only a community service, but a way to help build a sense of patriotism and citizenship in her students...


Award Winner Spotlight

Snohomish High School offers new and creative ways for their students to be exposed to agriculture. Local food production, green technology, and biofuel production just to name a few!


2013 Award Winners

A big congratulations to our 2013 Award winners! Each year it is more challenging selecting our winners, and this year set the bar even higher!




Gaining global agriculture experiences are instrumental for teachers to be able to provide students with global information. The Rural School and Community Trust Global Teacher Fellowship does exactly that. Wes Crawford's journey through the fellowship can be read here. Information and applications for the fellowship can be found here.

Coming to Teachers' World?

Attending National FFA Convention? Tell us about your plans!


Just for Fun

How old is the earth...really? This 3-minute video from TED ED brings it into perspective.



CoP Highlight

The Best Job You'll Ever Love

Starting the Year Off Right

National FFA Parliamentary Procedure Webinar

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