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October 2013

From the President- Who's Excited?!

While I am writing this, I am looking forward to participating in the National Teach Ag Day. I?m sure by the time this is printed, we will have all sorts of amazing stories to share from Teach Ag Day. Whether you have grand plans or simply tell your students that Agriculture Education is a viable career option and we NEED good teachers out there?. I hope your Teach Ag Day Rocks!! Please share your ideas and photos of Teach Ag Day. I know there is a lot of traffic through social media and it is exciting to see the response and knowledge of National Teach Ag Day grow!



Walk The Red Carpet at the Teach Ag Booth
Visit the Teach Ag booth (#619) and give the paparazzi what they've been dying for - shots of rock star future ag teachers! Students can sign up for the campaign, put their name on our Walk to Fame (as an ag teacher) and leave with a brand new Teach Ag t-shirt, Owly (like an Oscar, but better), and a Polaroid shot to commemorate their rise to stardom as an agriculture teacher!


Groom Your Rock Star Skills with Teachers' World Professional Development
Rock out your classroom with the ideas and skills you gather at Teachers' World professional development sessions. While your students get their picture on the Teach Ag red carpet, visit Teachers' World exhibits and take a breather in the Internet Cafe, sponsored by Monsanto. Get details about Teachers' World interactive workshops here.


Grab some Swag at the NAAE booth
Stop by the NAAE booth (1200) and pick up your swag bag, filled with goodies to help you survive the week. While you're there, find out about NAAE convention and other opportunities for NAAE members.

Ag Ed majors - Are you headed to the classroom? Fill out a card for our Classroom Bound display and get a free shirt.


Get Inspired at General Session 5
Don't miss General Session 5, at noon on Friday, when three very special agricultural educators will share their stories and inspire students to become agriculture teachers themselves.

NAAE Convention is Ready for You!

Looking for a great professional development opportunity jam-packed with resources? The 2013 NAAE Convention will feature tools and networking opportunities you won?t want to miss. We have some new features, as well as restructured old favorites, so there is something for everyone.


Shaping Successful Students: Adam Wehling Spotlight

For Adam Wehling, agriculture teacher at Mondovi High School in Mondovi, Wisc., every day starts and ends with his philosophy; ?Always lead by example with energy and passion while empowering students to believe in themselves.?

It?s this unwavering positivity that has led Wehling to success as an agricultural educator since he began teaching in 2003 at Evansville High School, in Evansville, Wisc. After a few years at Evansville, Wehling moved to Mondovi High School in the fall of 2007, and is still teaching there today.


In Other News...

Teach Ag Update
#taglive13- That's a Wrap!

The Fourth Annual National Teach Ag Day celebration was held on Thursday, September 26th.  The National Teach Ag Campaign hosted a 2-hour virtual livestream from the campus of North Carolina A&T University in Greensboro.


Washington Beat
Government Shutdown

As everyone knows, the federal government has officially shut down for the first time in 17 years, as Congress is still unable to reach a resolution to continue funding government programs and operations in the new fiscal year.  So what will this shutdown mean for CTE?


Pre-Service Program

CASE's new pre-service teacher program, which is aimed at producing graduates who are certified to teach a CASE course, completed its first class earlier this year.



Ideas Unlimited
Flag Retirement

For Sally Shomo, a former agriculture teacher at Beverley Manor Middle School in Staunton, Va., the American Flag Retirement Ceremony her FFA chapter hosts each year is not only a community service, but a way to help build a sense of patriotism and citizenship in her students...


Award Winner Spotlight

Snohomish High School offers new and creative ways for their students to be exposed to agriculture. Local food production, green technology, and biofuel production just to name a few!


2013 Award Winners

A big congratulations to our 2013 Award winners! Each year it is more challenging selecting our winners, and this year set the bar even higher!




Gaining global agriculture experiences are instrumental for teachers to be able to provide students with global information. The Rural School and Community Trust Global Teacher Fellowship does exactly that. Wes Crawford's journey through the fellowship can be read here. Information and applications for the fellowship can be found here.

Coming to Teachers' World?

Attending National FFA Convention? Tell us about your plans!


Just for Fun

How old is the earth...really? This 3-minute video from TED ED brings it into perspective.



CoP Highlight

The Best Job You'll Ever Love

Starting the Year Off Right

National FFA Parliamentary Procedure Webinar

Organizational Members

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Don't Miss the 2013 NAAE Convention!

December 3-7

Las Vegas, Nevada


Looking for a great professional development opportunity jam-packed with resources? The 2013 NAAE Convention will feature tools and networking opportunities you won't want to miss. We have some new features, as well as restructured old favorites, so there is something for everyone. Visit this page to view or download a draft schedule.



Pre-Convention Professional Development

Be sure to arrive at convention early to attend the Pre-Convention professional development session, which will be about financial and farm management education for high school students. There is no cost to attend this session, but you must register in advance. Visit this page for more information and to complete a registration form. 





Mystery Speaker and Networking Reception

Tuesday, December 3, 9:00-10:30 p.m., Top of the Riviera Ballroom

Kick-off NAAE convention by attending the Mystery Speaker and Networking Reception event. It all starts with the mystery speaker at 9pm. The speaker's identity and topic is under wraps, but it's guaranteed to inspire you and make you think.  Get there early, as the doors close promptly at 9pm. Everyone who attends the mystery speaker event will receive a complimentary drink ticket to the networking reception.  The networking reception begins immediately following the mystery speaker.





Professional Development Workshops

We are changing the way we do professional development workshops this year by categorizing all professional development into one of three types. Deep Dive sessions will be two-hour, detailed presentations that will fully immerse participants into a particular topic. Idea Labs will be 75-minute presentations focusing on a particular topic. Snap Learning Spots will be short, to-the-point workshops that will get you the information and get you out the door in 30 minutes.  This new system will help you maximize your time while at convention and get the most out of professional development.





Here are a few of the workshops we're offering- check the NAAE website closer to convention for a complete list





Common Core: Shift Happens!

Cacee Ford and Ashton Norman, Baker County High School, Glenn St. Mary, FL

Shift happens!  Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are coming and we cannot change that fact.  As the flexible agriculture teachers that we are, we can and should do be on the forefront of this change and take active roles in our own schools to effectively implement CCSS into our program's curriculum.  This deep dive workshop's purpose is to help you better prepare for the transition to CCSS and allow you to get comfortable with the new standards. It will explain how CCSS tells you how to teach your standards, which actually provides ideas, simplicity and organization in your lesson planning.  The shift is happening! Now it's our job as agriculture teachers to learn how to best implement CCSS.




Food Safety: Stop the Growth!

DuPont Agriscience Institute

Learn how to bring food safety to a new level.  This inquiry-based activity will focus on deepening the understanding of inhibiting microbial growth in our food supply.  Come and learn how to increase the science rigor in your food science class or unit!


There's an App for That! Using iPads in Agricultural Education

Dr. Wendy Warner and Joy Marshall, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC

Are you wondering how to utilize technology to support classroom instruction, increase student engagement, promote personal organization, and assist with program management? You can bet there is an app for that! This workshop will overview a variety of apps available for iPad that are appropriate for agricultural education.

Chicken Little-Chicken Big

DuPont Agriscience Institute

Discover how to help your students gain a better understanding of the use of vitamins and supplements in growing livestock.  This interactive lab puts the learning in the hands of the students using chicken production as the main concept, although it can be adapted to both animals and plants.




Put Global Agriculture in Your Students' Hands- Opportunities for Teacher Travel

Wes Crawford, Sutherlin High School, Sutherlin, OR and Kate Crawford, Oakland High School, Oakland, OR

The world isn't any less flat, and many of the challenges we face in American agriculture can be found around the world.  Connecting you and your students to these global examples is key - and expected by newly adopted standards.  Leave this snap learning spot with opportunities, such as the Rural Trust Global Teacher Fellowship program, that will expand your own experiences, as well with an example curriculum for incorporating international agriculture.


MIG Welding 101

Dr. Jason Scales, The Lincoln Electric Welding Co., Cleveland, OH and Dr. Phil Fravel, Clemson University, Clemson, SC

Riviera Hotel & Casino Convention Center

From uncreating the machine to setting it properly for Axial Spray, this workshop will help you dial in your MIG welding power source.  This workshop will focus on initial set-up, drive roll wheel selection, properly sizing the wire, different welding  maerials, Flux Cored vs MIG wire, and more. This will be an interactive session, so come loaded with questions.



Registration cost until November 1st:

NAAE members: $375

Registration after November 1st:                                                                                        

NAAE members: $450

For a one-day, non-member, and spouse registration costs, please see the registration form.

After November 14, registrations and payment will only be accepted in person in Las Vegas.


To register:

Hard Copy: Download, print, and fill out the NAAE Registration form. Return the form according to the instructions listed at the bottom of the form.




Online: Register online here. The ACTE website should allow you to access the NAAE Member rate and will read "our membership records indicate you are entitled to register as a NAAE member. As an association NAAE member, you may take advantage of our low membership registration fees and you may attend member-only sessions and special events."


NAAE members who are not ACTE members will not be able to register online. Those people should register by filling out the registration form and submitting their registration to ACTE via mail or fax.


Convention Housing:

The Riviera Hotel and Casino will serve as the convention hotel for the 2013 NAAE Convention. All general sessions and most NAAE professional development workshops will be held at the Riviera. Room rate are $49 per night for Monday-Thursday, and $72 per night for Friday-Saturday. Rates are for single or double occupancy room. Rates do not include applicable taxes and fees. Visit here to make reservations or call 1-800-634-6753.

Farrah Johnson

Who's Excited??

Posted by Farrah Johnson Oct 1, 2013

While I am writing this, I am looking forward to participating in National Teach Ag Day. I'm sure by the time this is printed, we will have all sorts of amazing stories to share from Teach Ag Day. Whether you have grand plans or simply tell your students that agricultural education is a viable career option and we NEED good teachers out there, I hope your Teach Ag Day Rocks!! Please share your ideas and photos of Teach Ag Day. I know there is a lot of traffic through social media and it is exciting to see the response and knowledge of National Teach Ag Day grow!

Who is excited about the 86th National FFA Convention in Louisville. Kentucky? Although we have not completely finished our agenda for the week long National Convention, I already know it will be packed with amazing opportunities for my students. Cool and exciting tours that will be talked about all year are just one of my favorite things about convention: the keynote speakers, the career show, the retiring addresses of our national officers, and of course the shopping adventures are all reasons to look forward to this trip. I know many of you may be putting in last minute practices getting ready for competitions or reprinting pictures for those agriscience boards. Some are planning their trip for the collegiate students and getting all their giveaways for the career show stocked up. Whatever your plans for the 86th National FFA Convention, I hope you have a remarkable trip filled with opportunities.


Just like state and national conventions always energize myself and my officer team, I can not help to reflect that this upcoming NAAE convention will be my last time in office. The amazing professional development opportunities that are offered at NAAE convention are truly the best around. I get so excited to meet our award winners and hear their testimonies of what works in their programs across the county. Although I am often envious of the facilities or funding some schools receive, I can always take back a thought or idea to my program and my chapter to make us better. Have you ever stopped to think about what do you do to help rejuvenate yourself in your profession? Have you ever considered attending the NAAE convention? I understand that funding is not always a given and that sometimes it is difficult to ask for time for yourself when we typically miss a lot of time out of our classrooms for our student organizations. But I still encourage you to ask! I can honestly say that the NAAE convention is like a family reunion mixed with a new social because I always get to see and visit with familiar faces while meeting new people from around the country. Some of my favorite stories to come back and share with my students what is happening in agriculture, agriculture education and classrooms from all different types of programs. My family is always amazed that I can talk about friends from across the nation, no matter what college football team they cheer for! (ha-ha)


All joking aside, if you have not attended a national conference, or haven't been in several years, I encourage you to consider it. We have made some changes in the organization and presentation of the conference and I hope it makes for a better professional experience for you. There are opportunities for social gatherings, including the popular growing network reception. There are chances to hear how programs and teachers work to be successful  as well as meet our organizational members and conference sponsors. Some of the best professional development I have ever attended has been at the NAAE conference. And if you haven't heard, or happen to be a rodeo fan, there is a fantastic location during the NFR in Las Vegas! If Vegas isn't your style, then perhaps Nashville or New Orleans will be in upcoming years!


     While talking about the NAAE convention, I just want to take an opportunity to say thank you. I want to thank you for the amazing opportunities I have experienced and been a part of during my 6 years of working with NAAE on a national level. I am humbled by your dedication and innovative ideas. I am honored to have represented this profession and hope that I have in some way helped you or encouraged you to continue in this career. I know I do not have all the answers. In fact, there are several of you out there that I have on speed dial. I am still a firm believer that we must mentor and encourage our young teachers. We have to be willing to share and work together.  We must work together and help each other, in our classrooms as well as with our total program. If we are going to be relevant,  we must embrace literacy and mathematics in our classroom. We must be team players and work with academic partners to help our students. We must be willing to make a difference. Thank you for what you do every day! I am an agricultural educator by choice, not by chance.

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