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New Teacher News -- April 2021

Blog Post created by Andrea Fristoe on Apr 29, 2021


Totally Acceptable. . . . 

  1. To take a mental health day. We're in the homestretch of the school year now, so it is important to stay mentally fit and motivated,
  2. To make a list of everything you have accomplished during this bizarre school year and then give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done,
  3. To add a piece of artwork to your classroom or workspace; something that inspires you to continue making a difference in students' lives each and every day,
  4. To take extra time for yourself to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and extra daylight,
  5. To be proud of who you are as a teacher!!!

Stay Inspired!


My Corner of the World

What could be more exciting than to be nominated as one of the 2021 Top Teachers on LIVE with Kelly and Ryan??? Follow this link to vote for our very own Krista Pontius, agriculture teacher at Greenwood High School, in Pennsylvania!!!Get your votes in by NOON EDT on April 29th!!!!


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Ag Education for ALL!

Agricultural Education for All is a joint partnership of the National Association of Agricultural Educators and the National FFA Organization with the goal of ensuring all in agricultural education feel welcome, safe and celebrated as their authentic selves. Every month in New Teacher News we will feature some of the outstanding teachers making a difference and creating inclusive, diverse and equitable programs for their students. 

This month, we would like to introduce you to David Ruvarac. David was the agriculture teacher at WB Saul High School of Agricultural Sciences, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Recently, he has taken on a new role as an Occupational Advisory Committee Specialist through the Pennsylvania Commission for Agricultural Education Excellence, where he continues to make a positive impact on the agricultural education profession by working directly with teachers across the state of Pennsylvania. 


Ag Teacher Tips & Tools

Fruit Production and the Environment STEM Case: Lesson Info: ExploreLearning
It's an interactive guided STEM/case study. "As an agricultural scientist, students help a strawberry farmer who is having problems with low fruit production. Students learn about the factors involved in fruit production including plant nutrients, pollination and bees, and the interaction with the environment. Check it out!

Thanks Dan Doeing for sharing this resource on the Ag Education Discussion Lab Facebook Group!


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Healthy Habits

12 Simple Habits to Relieve Stress

This infographic will show you 12 simple habits to relieve stress. They won’t take you more than a few minutes every day, they will make a big difference on your well-being, and even impact your productivity


NAAE Membership Benefits

Awards and Grants

NAAE takes pride in recognizing excellence in agricultural education as well as individuals and organizations that make outstanding contributions to the profession. Members have the opportunity to apply for state and national recognition or nominate other individuals or organizations for recognition through a variety of programs. 


NAAE Connect Podcast

Working with Middle School Learners

Ahh, middle schoolers. If you’ve worked with middle school students before, you probably know that they can be some of the most excited and engaged students to work with, but at times, some of the most difficult to work with too. Middle school learners find themselves in a unique stage of their lives filled with new opportunities, peer pressure, insecurities, and both emotional and physical changes. As agricultural educators, what can you do to capitalize on middle schoolers’ unique qualities?


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