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Owls Can Be Lovebirds Too!

Blog Post created by Andrea Fristoe on Jun 5, 2019

This post is part of the June 2019 Teach Ag Times e-newsletter. 


There are many great parts to being an ag teacher, one of which being the great, positive relationships ag teachers build together. Ag teachers across the nation have the opportunity to network and build great friendships and relationships through their passion for agricultural education. This month, we get to meet Victoria Herr and Kelse Brown -- two recent graduates in ag education who are getting ready to begin their teaching careers, while also building a life together.


Quick Background Information: Kelse just graduated from The Ohio State University, while Victoria graduated from The Pennsylvania State University. Kelse will be teaching at Penn Manor High School and Victoria will be teaching at Kutztown Area High School, both in Pennsylvania.

Q:  How did you both meet?
A:  We both served as National Teach Ag Ambassadors during the 2017-2018 school year. This brought us both to Indianapolis for the National FFA Convention, and after a week together the rest is history!


Q:  What are your professional goals?
A:  We're both planning to stay in the classroom for a long time!

Q:  How do your teaching philosophies differ?
A:  I guess I would say that I (Victoria) am more spontaneous and flexible in my instruction and Kelse is more of a planner and organizer. It's always fun for us to bounce ideas off of one another at the end of the day.

Q:  Describe your involvement in agricultural education and how you got to where you are now with your relationship.
A:  We were both agricultural education students and FFA members throughout high school, which is what inspired us to be in the classroom today. We were very involved in agricultural education at our respective universities, as well as through the National Teach Ag Campaign. After graduating in 2018, Kelse served with AgriCorps in Ghana, West Africa for six months before moving to Pennsylvania, where he is now a long- term substitute in the agriculture department at my home high school. I just graduated in May and accepted a position at Kutztown Area High School, about an hour from my home. In terms of our relationship, it has been an adventure! We've done lots of long distance from Ohio State to Penn State, Penn State to Ghana, and one side of PA (where Kelse was subbing) to the other (where I was student teaching). Teach Ag brought us together in October of 2017, and just a few short days from now we will be married! We're pretty excited to be the first ever Teach Ag Ambassador husband and wife


Q:  Where do you see yourselves in 10+ years?
A:  In the classroom and raising a family -- that's the dream!


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