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New Teacher News -- November 2016

Blog Post created by Andrea Fristoe on Nov 17, 2016

Promising Practices

Totally Acceptable...
  1. To have your food science students develop the perfect cornucopia,
  2. To be searching Communities of Practice for quick and easy lesson plans to get you through the next few school days,
  3. To have day dreams about pumpkin pie and turkey,
  4. To be packing your bags for NAAE Convention in Las Vegas,
  5. To leave work a few minutes earlier than usual next week to get a head start on Thanksgiving travels, food preparations, and to spend a little extra time with friends and family.

My Corner of the World
It's nearly Thanksgiving Break! How's your desk looking? For Katie Wallace, agriculture teacher at Magoffin County High School, in Kentucky, her desk is cleaned up and ready for a quick break before returning to school to finish out the semester strong.
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Ag Teacher Hack"Each week in my floral design class, we review a topic necessary to start up a business. These topics includes but are not limited to: What does a floral shop need, orders, choosing a customer base, types of business ownership, policies, business plans and marketing plans.  Their task as we go along will be to create a Floral Shop with the goal being to pitch your idea to the "bank" (meaning your classmates) to get a small business loan for business start up."


-Pebbles Lacross, The Sound School, CT

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Healthy Habits -- Happy Thanksgiving!
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National Agriscience Teacher Ambassador Program
A multifaceted program including current and pre-service agricultural educators. The highlight of the program for current teachers is a week-long academy designed to help them develop inquiry-based teaching strategies and enhance existing science content in agricultural education.
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CHS Foundation Makes Significant Investment in State Teach Ag Results (STAR) Program
On Thursday, September 22nd, during the National Teach Ag Day live webcast, the CHS Foundation, funded by charitable contributions from CHS Inc., announced an additional $280,000 commitment to the State Teach Ag Results (STAR) program through the National FFA Foundation. Click here for the full press release.


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