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New Teacher News -- August 2016

Blog Post created by Andrea Fristoe on Aug 25, 2016

Promising Practices

Totally Acceptable...
  1. To buy a completely new and refreshed wardrobe for the new school year,
  2. To use your lunch break to plan out your National Teach Ag Day activities,
  3. To pick up a new hobby that can help you decompress from the school day,
  4. To use Biofuels 101 as your lesson plan for National Teach Ag Day (well, part of it at least),
  5. To be excited about a new school year & endless possibilities!!!

My Corner of the World
A new school year, a new desk, and endless possibilities. For Olivia Steckler, new agriculture teacher at Southern Indiana Career and Technical Center, her desk is the beginning of a career that is sure to be filled with countless memories. Let the school year begin!

Want Your Picture in NTN???

Are you interested in having a picture of your desk (or your colleague's desk) in New Teacher News? Send a high-quality picture to Andrea Fristoe & look for your picture in an upcoming edition!

Ag Teacher Hack

"Have your students put their vocabulary words and definitions written in their own words into Wordle and create a beautiful word cloud.  Print.  It is easy to see in a few seconds to grade."

-Lori Dyer, agriculture teacher, Waynesfield Goshen High School, Ohio

Share Your Ag Teacher Hack!

Have a great idea or tip that is your "go to" in the classroom? Share it with us! Contact Andrea Fristoe and look for your Ag Teacher Hack in an upcoming edition of New Teacher News!

Healthy Habits -- Engage Your Students with Technology in the Classroom
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What you get for the money?

Legislative Action Center
NAAE is pleased to partner with ACTE to provide the Legislative Action Center, a powerful tool that allows you to find information about your national legislators, contact them about issues related to agricultural and career and technical education, and even find media outlets in your area to help share the agricultural education and CTE message. MORE>>

Before you go...

Sterling Ag Program to be More than 'Cows, Plows and Sows'
Hey, Sterling High School students: Interested in agriculture, but you didn’t grow up on, or even around, a farm? That’s OK. Neither did your new agriculture instructor and FFA advisor. MORE>>


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