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New Teacher News -- July 2016

Blog Post created by Andrea Fristoe on Jul 22, 2016

Promising Practices

Totally Acceptable...
  1. To enjoy fresh veggies from your garden and brag about it to anyone who will listen,
  2. To purchase a Fitbit for the upcoming school year to track how many steps you really take each day (you can even challenge your ag teacher friends!),
  3. To enjoy the networking and friendships you gain from your state or regional teachers' conference,
  4. To make a "bucket list" of new things to do and try for the upcoming school year with your students and colleagues,
  5. To buy a new planner or calendar for the upcoming school year that shows off your personality!

My Corner of the World
Many new teachers have the daunting task of not only moving in to their first classroom in the summer, but also dealing with school maintenance projects. For Mary McCart, the new agriculture teacher at Alexandria Central High School, in Alexandria, New York, her classroom is undergoing major renovation, so for now she waits in the shop.

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Ag Teacher Hack

"I named all my laptop computers with livestock breeds. (Hereford, Angus, Hampshire, Palomino, etc) -- now kids know which computer they always use (and they always want the same one) and I know which computer needs repaired and can direct my 'vet' at the 'sick' computer easily. Plus it gives kids a way to remember all the breeds they learned once upon a time. The desktops on each machine are a characteristic picture of that animal as well."-Matt Eddy, agriculture teacher at Southeast Polk High School, Iowa

Share Your Ag Teacher Hack!

Have a great idea or tip that is your "go to" in the classroom? Share it with us! Contact Andrea Fristoe and look for your Ag Teacher Hack in an upcoming edition of New Teacher News!

Healthy Habits -- Classroom Decoration Tips!
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What you get for the money?

Ag Ed Relief Fund
The Agricultural Educator Relief Fund is designed to assist individual NAAE active members during a time of personal crisis or need. NAAE members may receive up to a $500 stipend to help them through a difficult time. The fund is made possible by the support of state associations and private donors. MORE>>

Before you go...

Agriscience Teacher and NAAE Member Kevin Sox Named Clemson Outstanding Young Agricultural Alumnus
Kevin Sox of Lexington, SC has been named the Outstanding Young Agricultural Alumnus at Clemson University by the College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences and Agricultural Alumni Board of Directors.MORE>>


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