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New Teacher News -- August 2015

Blog Post created by Andrea Fristoe on Aug 25, 2015


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Promising Practices

Totally Acceptable...
  1. To start getting pumped up and excited for National Teach Ag Day,
  2. To be excited about the first day of school and meeting your new students,
  3. To share your story of why you decided to become an agriculture teacher with your students,
  4. To call or email other agriculture teachers for advice and help about getting your program started and growing,
  5. To be proud of your career choice.....YOU are an ag teacher!

My Corner of the World
Are you ready for school to start? Is your desk ready for school to start? Katelyn Meiwes, agriculture teacher at Altoona-Midway Middle/High School in Kansas is ready to rock her first year of teaching (and so is her desk)!

Want Your Picture in NTN???

Are you interested in having a picture of your desk (or your colleague's desk) in New Teacher News? Send a high-quality picture to Andrea Fristoe & look for your picture in an upcoming edition!

Ag Teacher Hack

"After my initial week of "intro to my world" stuff I do tool safety and then we usually spend 2+ weeks in the shop, greenhouse, and land lab. At the beginning of the year, we always have several little outside projects that are either new or unfinished from last year, or planting our fall broccoli crop. We are still a relatively new program, adding things each year, so we are often making some additional greenhouse tables or things like that."
-Henry Paris, agriculture teacher at Powhatan Junior High School, Virginia

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Before you go...

9 Mistakes New Teachers Make
“Ctrl+Z” is one of the greatest functions ever created. The ability to undo mistakes helps me, as I have a knack for accidentally deleting entire pages with a touch of my hand. Sometimes, I also need an undo button in my classroom, to alter a lesson that flopped or “delete” the way I snapped at a student. Read more.

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