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New Teacher News -- June 2015

Blog Post created by Andrea Fristoe on Jun 18, 2015
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Promising Practices

Totally Acceptable...
  1. To get excited for your first trip to FFA camp with your students,
  2. To plan a fun-filled 4th of July party for family and friends,
  3. To break out the shorts, tank tops, and  flip flops after a long day of SAE visits and chill out poolside to watch the sunset,
  4. To spend time working on your agriculture program, but to also take time for yourself to relax and re-energize,
  5. To spend time reflecting about the school year in order to make next year even better.

My Corner of the World
What purpose does your desk serve? For Jessica Helsinger, agriculture teacher at Newton and Covington High Schools in Piqua, Ohio, her desk is her source of creativity for the classroom.

Want Your Picture in NTN???

Are you interested in having a picture of your desk (or your colleague's desk) in New Teacher News? Send a high-quality picture to Andrea Fristoe & look for your picture in an upcoming edition!

Ag Teacher Hack

"I stopped answering questions that were not well thought out and designed. 'How do I do this' or 'Is this right' were met with a smile and 'Is it?'  Sometimes students know the answer and are merely checking (rather than critically thinking), or sometimes I need to add 'Maybe you better look/try again'.  For the most part now, they don't ask the simple silly questions.
-Matt Eddy, agriculture teacher at Southeast Polk High School, Iowa

Healthy Habits
Upcoming Events

What you get for the money?

Technical and Pedagogical Education
Professional development workshops geared specifically for agricultural educators at our annual convention, as well as multiple opportunities throughout the year in person and online. Click here for more information.

Before you go...

School Garden Brings Local Foods, Agriculture Education into Students’ Lives
Several years ago, William Penn High School went through a major restructure.  Part of what came out of that process was a renewed commitment to agricultural education, and the recognition that the 117-acre William Penn Historic Farm, operated by a local land trust, could be a major asset to the school. Click here to read more.

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