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New Teacher News -- September 2014

Blog Post created by Andrea Fristoe on Sep 16, 2014


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Promising Practices

Totally Acceptable...
  1. To schedule some "me time" in order to keep your sanity with all the National FFA Convention planning coming up,
  2. To come up with a really elaborate and detailed plan for celebrating National Teach Ag Day, in order to inform all students and colleagues that you are proud to teach ag,
  3. To run for a position on the site-based council -- they need to hear new voices and opinions,
  4. To lose sleep thinking about how awesome National Teach Ag Day is going to be,
  5. To step outside your comfort zone in order to show your students how awesome it is to be Tagged to Teach Ag!

My Corner of the World
Organization is key to running a successful agriculture program. Bethany Sweatt, agriculture teacher at Porter Ridge High School in North Carolina, keeps her desk tidy for anything and everything that may come her way.

Want Your Picture in NTN???

Are you interested in having a picture of your desk (or your colleague's desk) in New Teacher News? Send a high-quality picture to Andrea Fristoe & look for your picture in an upcoming edition!

Ag Teacher Hack

I tend to be a little hesitant to take chances, but it is something I am getting better at!

With my juniors and seniors (the old hats) I did the typical first day thing syllabus, what do we need app wise, expectations, etc.  But with the newbies, my freshman, and some of the newbies in the sophomore class, I decided to do something crazy -- a lesson.  A lesson where we have to read, we have to write, and have to think.

I was nervous about doing this -- what if it goes badly? Will they be quiet enough to take it all in? Will they be engaged enough?  What if it flops?

Well it didn't! It was AWESOME!  And why did I not do this before?  Why did I deny myself and my kids the opportunity?

What a great first day, I think its going to be a great year!

Oh and one tip.  Hide your phone, otherwise, there will be selfies for days!
-Gina Neff, Lancaster High School, Ohio

Healthy Habits
Upcoming Events

What you get for the money?

Professional Liability Insurance Coverage and other insurance options through the Trust for Insuring Educators (for active, active life, and student members)

  • $100,000 in-dues professional liability insurance coverage. In-dues coverage does not include job protection benefits.
  • Low rates for professional liability insurance upgrades — $35 for $1 million coverage; $50 for $2 million coverage. Upgrades include valuable job protection benefits that provide legal support if you're subject to termination, reassignment, demotion or suspension.
  • Group rates on other insurance products, including life insurance and health insurance.
  • New members are entitled to a $40,000 term life insurance policy at no cost for two full years from their initial join date.

Before you go...

Halloween at the 2014 National FFA Convention in Louisville, Ky

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Ellen Thompson
National Teach Ag Campaign Coordinator

The National Teach Ag Campaign is a project of the National Council for Agricultural Education, led by the National Association of Agricultural Educators. For more information, visit the Teach Ag website.Funding for the National Teach Ag Campaign is provided by the CHS Foundation and DuPont Pioneer as a special project of the National FFA Foundation.