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New Teacher News -- August 2014

Blog Post created by Andrea Fristoe on Aug 21, 2014


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Promising Practices

Totally Acceptable...
  1. To feel somewhat overwhelmed your first few days of school,
  2. To forget your copier code after you just walked all the way to the other end of the building repeating it to yourself,
  3. To have faith in your new students to be just as awesome as the ones you had last year,
  4. To wear the same pair of pants all week because you haven't had time to do laundry,
  5. To get up in the morning with a smile on your face, ready to face the day as an ag teacher!

My Corner of the World
The first day of school can be quite overwhelming for a new teacher. Savannah Robin, former Meeting Planner and Advocacy Coordinator for NAAE, had lots to do on her first day at Harrison County High School in Kentucky, including promoting National Teach Ag Day!

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Ag Teacher Hack

"In my binder I use for FFA contains: A complete list of Students in the classes along with their address and phone number, family information. I color code anyone that has medical issues. (example yellow-bees) Red-peanuts) ect. I also have a year long field trip permission slips. I still send one out for individual reminders in case numbers or family contact changes. I did find it important to have insurance info.Along with this information I keep our chapters calender along with the section and state calendar. I highlight the CDEs that the students would like to attend.
I can grab the binder and take it with me to events.

My lesson plans are also kept in a binder. I carry it with me.

I have a binder for emergency lesson plans. Crossword puzzles, word searches and articles for close reading. Along with any information a sub would need."
-- Trish Krug, Dakota Jr/Sr High School, Illinois

Healthy Habits
Upcoming Events

What you get for the money?

Communities of Practice Professional Networking Site
With well over 3,000 members, NAAE?s Communities of Practice is a great place to make connections with other agricultural educators from all over the United States. Members post ideas, have discussions, and share tried-and-true techniques for creating a better ag program. Visit Communities of Practice.

Before you go...

What Every New Teacher Needs to Know -- Advice from Real Teachers

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