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New Teacher News -- June 2014

Blog Post created by Andrea Fristoe on Jun 30, 2014
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Promising Practices

Totally Acceptable?

1. To spend a couple of days this summer just relaxing in a lawn chair, reading a good book,

2. To take SAE pictures while attending the local county fair with your family,

3. To spend time with your family and friends this summer,

4. To think about meat science lesson plans as you throw some steaks on the grill,

5. And to reflect on your many accomplishments this past school year and dream about all of the amazing things you will accomplish next year!

My Corner of the World
What does your desk look like? Jessie Hartle Lumpkins, agriculture teacher at McGavok High School in Tennessee is currently using her desk as storage, while her classroom floors are being waxed. Anyone else feel her pain?

Sanity Tip

"Your job is just that... a job.  Never let it come before your family, friends, and health. Obviously what we do is important, but if you can't teach in a way that's sustainable and burn out, you aren't helping anyone.  Yes, I put in 80-90 hours per week my first two or three years, but I also almost quit my job by the end of year 3.  Put in your time at first, but know that it is temporary and work towards leaving at a reasonable time (before 5 regularly)."
-Craig Kohn, Waterford Union High School, Wisconsin

Healthy Habits

Summer Boot Camp Challenge

Small Changes That Can Help You Reach Your Ideal Weight

How to Make Healthier Trail Mix

Upcoming Events

What you get for the money?

Legislative Advocacy for the Profession
NAAE monitors governmental affairs affecting agricultural education and assists in developing priorities and strategies to affect federal legislation and appropriations. NAAE also has representatives on several national boards to represent your interests and concerns. For more information on getting involved in NAAE leadership, visit our leadership and volunteer opportunities page.

Before you go...

27 Ways to be a 21st Century Teacher

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