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New Teacher News--May 2014

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Promising Practices

Totally Acceptable?

1. To spend your planning period daydreaming about your summer vacation (or at least where you would go if you had time for a vacation),

2. To encourage your students to spend the summer really developing their SAE's,

3. To already start planning your FFA retreat campfire stories,

4. To dance and sing as you water the greenhouse,

5. And to already start planning for the awesome things your ag program will accomplish next school year!

My Corner of the World
What does your desk look like? Melissa Hansen, Ag Teacher at Carrington High School in North Dakota takes multi-tasking to a whole new level!!

Sanity Tip

"If we want to increase the number of students who want to become ag teachers, we have set a much better example of what it means to have a balanced life as a professional.  When we can start spending more time with our loved ones doing the things we love to do (that are NOT related to school) without affecting our ability to touch the lives of our students, more students will want to become ag teachers.  The time to start doing that is now."
-Craig Kohn

Healthy Habits

Six Tips for Healthy Living!

Ten Foods that Boost Your Immune System

Your Health is a Numbers Game!

Upcoming Events

What you get for the money?

Montana Silversmiths Purchase Program
Through a special arrangement with Montana Silversmiths, you can order any custom item and have the NAAE logo placed on it, as a part of NAAE Membership benefits. For a complete listing and pictures of items offered by Montana Silversmiths, go to

To order: Once you have chosen the item that you would like to have customized with the NAAE logo, contact the NAAE office at (800) 509-0204. NAAE will take your information and place the order for you. Your invoice will come from the NAAE office.

**NOTE ? Typical ship time on a Montana Silversmith's item is 6-8 weeks. Please keep this in mind when ordering.

Before you go...

15 End of the Year Survival Tips

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