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New Teacher News- December 2013

Blog Post created by Christi Chadwell on Dec 19, 2013

Promising Practice

Smart Board Compiled Lessons

Totally Acceptable...

  • To wear the same pants two days in a row.
  • To make a list of all the students you will not name your first child after.
  • To check Communities of Practice first thing in the morning.
  • To have more photos of deciduous leaves on your screen saver than people.
  • To turn off your cell phone over holiday break.

My Corner of the world
What does your desk look like?  Penn Manor High School, PA ag teacher Neil Fellenbaum?s desk looks pretty good.

Sanity Tip

Get a classroom cat.  Give her a Twitter account.  You can find my cat's account on Twitter: @classroomcat .  Have your cat tell students about deadlines. They will listen to a cat before they listen to you sometimes. Make your cat a celebrity on Facebook and your website.  My cat will be getting a 5-year staff tenure award from the school next week by popular demand from staff and students.
- Craig Kohn-Waterford High Schoool, WI

Upcoming Events

What you get for the money?

NAAE members have access to countless benefits like advocacy tools.  Whether you are promoting your program at the local, state or national level NAAE has the resources you need to spread the word about agricultural education.  Get started today!

Before you go...

New NAAE board members were elected in Las Vegas earlier this month.  Take some time to get to know your regional representative!

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