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November New Teacher News- By Choice Not By Chance

Blog Post created by Christi Chadwell on Nov 26, 2013

Promising Practice

Hands on Animal Science Activities

Totally Acceptable...

  • To brush your teeth at school to shave a few minutes off your morning routine.
  • To dream about winning the lottery…so you can buy a new greenhouse for the ag department.
  • To pray for a late start and early release…on the same day (it can happen)!
  • To let students retake the quiz from the day before…because you can’t find the originals.

My Corner of the world
What does your desk look like? Centerville, South Dakota Agriculture Teacher Bridget Twedt has a brand new one this year.

Sanity Tip

Have a PowerPoint running nonstop at the start of class telling students when upcoming deadlines are occurring and what they'll be doing in class today (so that you don't have to tell them 50 times).
-Craig Kohn-Waterford High Schoool, WI

Upcoming Events

What you get for the money?

NAAE members have access to countless benefits like professional development.  The DuPont National Agriscience Teacher Ambassador Program specially selected agriscience teachers from all across the United States travel to DuPont Chesapeake Farms in Maryland to learn how to incorporate more science into their existing curriculums and make learning fun and challenging for their students.

Before you go...

17 Ways You Know You’re A Teacher

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