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You Made it, Now What? New Teacher News - May 2013

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May 2013 - You Made It, Now What?

The school year is over, or almost over.  You survived!  Do a happy dance or other celebratory action. Although the to-do list is as long as ever now is a good time to stop everything and evaluate the year.  This month will provide some tips to help you close out this school year so you can start off on the right foot next year.

Questions to reflect upon (write your answers down)

  1. What went really well this year?
  2. What is one thing I will improve next year?  Include how you plan to implement the improvement.
  3. Were students actively engaged in learning during my classes? How do I know?
  4. Did I deliver a variety of lesson strategies to appeal to all types of learners?
  5. What additional assistance, support, and/or resources would have further enhanced the ag program this year?

Other Timely Tips
  • Keep student work samples as examples
  • Select a couple of your best lessons, curriculum materials and supporting work to start or add to your professional portfolio.
  • Send a heartfelt thank you to key people who contributed to your success this year.
  • Go through the stack of papers on your desk.  Toss anything you don't need.  File everything you want to keep.
  • Take a picture of your classroom, print it out and post somewhere so the custodial staff knows where you want stuff put back after cleaning.
  • Tape your contact information in a visible location so custodial staff can reach you quickly if needed.
    Take money to the office for deposit.
  • Get summer contact information from students.  Put in to your phone immediately.
  • Look at your summer calendar and plan for some down time/school free vacation days.

Dates to Remember

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Get to Know Your NAAE Leaders

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NAAE President-Elect
Kevin Stacy
Oklahoma Union High School
South Coffeyville, Ok
Years in profession: 24
Ag Ed degree institution-Oklahoma State University

Biggest Benefit of NAAE
Having a voice in education policy at the national level, and being a part of growing the profession. The most important benefit is that NAAE gives me a forum to step into leadership roles and promote agriculture education.

Teaching Moment
When a student moved into our school district from a southern state and asked a question about a particular agriculture production practice that district students had grown up doing. They thought it was funny he did not know the answer. I used that opportunity to have local students explain about alligators. It did not seem so funny then. Students have their own experiences and knowledge based on what they have been exposed to.

What I wish I would have known my first year of teaching
You want be able to save them all at once, just try to save them one at a time.

Every day I try to
Make someone smile while doing my job-teaching about agriculture and leadership.

Favorite teaching resource
World wide web-anything you need to know is at your fingertips.

Quote of the Month

"And will you succeed? Yes! You will indeed! (98 and 3-4 percent guaranteed)"
-Dr. Seuss


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