• Does anyone use Instagram for recruitment

    I am wondering if anyone uses Instagram in order to promote their program? If so what are the pros, cons, who runs it, etc? I was in a meeting and some parents said that it may be a way to attract kids to want to come...
    Matt Agnello
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  • School Test Plot

    Our school district has recently been given a very exciting opportunity to utilize approximately 9 acres to raise funds for the FFA chapters. This is tillable land located about 6 miles from the school. We are current...
    Lezlie Durst
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  • Ag Interest Surveys for Students and Parents

    Does anyone have a copy of an interest survey that they give to students and/or one that goes to parents? We're trying to build a program back up and want to know what people are interested in. I know I've seen some g...
    Kellie Claflin
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  • Farm to School Program

    Interested to know how agricultural education programs across the nation are partnering with the Farm to School Program .
    Steve Gratz
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  • College and Career Readiness-course selection guide

    How are you highlighting college and career readiness in your course selection guides and in your ag curriculum?   In the push to put students in an academic track, how do you show to students, parents and admin that...
    Deb Seibert
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  • Do you have a CURRICULUM SURVEY to share?

    I am revising curriculum.  Does anyone have a survey for students, parents, stakeholders, etc.?
    Kurt Wissenburg
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  • Newsletters

    Could I get some sample FFA, FFA Alumni and just general Ag Dept. Newsletters to get ideas as a Ag Ed Major and also to help out my home chapter's reporter?   Thanks!, Thomas Marten SIUC Ag Education
    Thomas L. Marten
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  • New ways to get new students

    I am looking for some new ways to promote new students to come into the program from the 8th classes that come into the high school in the fall.  I have some ideas just looking to see what might be out there???   Hope...
    Larry Wright
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  • FFA Week Bulletin Board with Black History Month Integration - HELP!!!

    Alright. I am desperate for ideas. I wanted to do a bulletin board to celebrate both FFA Week and CTE month. BUT, I was told that I could do that only if I incorporated Black History Month into it (Note: The entire mo...
    Robin McLean
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  • Media  Release Forms

    Does anyone have a form they use to to release students names and photos for media coverage?  Or a form they use to post student information (name & photo) on the school web site?
    Robin Allen
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  • Fruit Sales and other Fundraisers!?

    I am just getting a brand new FFA Chapter started in a town where there has never been an Ag or FFA program.  We need to raise an immense amount of money to get off the ground and several community members have reques...
    Andrea Driskill
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  • What is your policy on posting FFA pictures on the Internet?

    Our state is trying to update our website to make it more user friendly and dynamic.  One of the things they want to do is post some of the pictures of students at our various FFA events on to the website.  But in tod...
    Adam Franken
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  • Any ideas on recruiting and involving Hispanic students and parents?

    I thought I would throw this question out there as there are many ag teachers with Hispanic populations in their school districts.        I was  a part of a meeting at National FFA in regard to hispanic students in ...
    Joe C. Moore
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  • Adult Ag programs

    I am wanting to start an Adult agriculture program at my school.  I have asked around locally to see what they do, but would like to know what Adult Ag Ed looks like in other parts of the nation.  Please let me know, ...
    Lindy Holt
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  • Advisory Boards

      Hello all,     First, I think that this is an incredible thing. I hope that more of our profession will take advantage of this.     Second, I am very excited to be a part of the Teacher Turn the Key Team and will...
    Daniel Foster
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