• What Ag Facilities do you have?

    Spurred by Adam Savage's twitter account @donttrythis and the hashtag #tinyshop. I thought there should be a discussion with pictures of Ag classrooms from all over. https://cashtonffa.org/cashton-agriculture-departme...
    Nathan King
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  • Building Administration/Principal Relationships

    Just wondering if you guys had some thoughts on how you build or strengthen administration/principal relationships.  I am looking to provide some ideas to young teachers on what might work best to develop a strong rel...
    Alissa Smith
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  • New Member & Parent Letter

    Does anyone have a FFA new member and new parent letter or handbook they would be willing to share? Thanks
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  • What is FFA Power Point for Public Information

    Our chapter is presenting at a Small Farm Conference and would like to create a power point about What is FFA  to present to a public audience. Does anyone have a nice power point to share if they do something similar...
    Melinda Klockziem
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  • Recuitment help

    It is the end of a successful school year.  I am starting to think about the up comming year and about back to school activities to have in August around the start of school but I am lost about what to do.  This will ...
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  • Wall of Accomplishment?

    Hello,   I have recently been given access to a rather large section of hallway in outside of my classroom.  I would like to develop/make an "FFA Wall of Accomplishment".  I am considering a few things, like a set of...
    Dan Witten
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  • Program Website Ideas Needed

    My department chair and I have been charged with developing a webpage off of our school webpage to showcase our department.  I know many of you are doing some incredible things and may already have a great website/web...
    Michaela Kehrer
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  • FFA/AG Promotion ideas

    My brand new advisory board met last night for the first time.  We talked a lot about trying to get the word out about the benefits of Ag & the FFA to students.  They would like to see us put out some sort of flyer th...
    Michelle Sweeten
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  • What can we learn from Marketing 101?

    I recently facilitated a workshop on Marketing/Advocating for the ag program. Now, I can’t say I’m an expert at this but I will say that there are a whole lot of resources out there to get better.   That being said, ...
    Nina Crutchfield
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  • Alumni Scholarship

    We have recently just started an Alumni chapter here at my school. One of the main goals of the Alumni group is to give out a scholarship for the senior class. I was wondering if anyone's chapter gave scholarship or t...
    Lezlie Durst
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  • Presentations/Documents to showcase Ag program to School Board?

    Our State Ag Teachers are looking for a document/presentation that can be presented to School Boards to promote Ag Ed programs in your schools.
    Christie Joehl
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  • Proving Your Program to be Valuable..

    I am in a new school this year, we are a fairly new program.. just about to the middle of year number 4! I'm excited to start in a new place, but have found that there is a "gap" between my program and the rest of the...
    Lindsey Whetstone
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  • Letter to 8th Graders

    Does anyone send out a letter to potential students for FFA/ag? If so, what do you say?   Thanks!
    Elly Stremsterfer
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  • Help! Sample Annual Report

    I am trying to figure out how to set up an annual report...I have never seen one. Can someone upload just a sample one so I have something to know what it should be? It would be greatly appreciated.
    Elly Stremsterfer
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  • Follow Up to Parent Packet List Serve Question

    In response to the list serve question...     I am thinking of developing a "parent packet" of information about all of the FFA programs to have available for parents who attend the FFA banquet.  I have a large group...
    Ellen Thompson
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  • A few more things for the parent packet

    We're only allowed five documents per post, here are a few other items that may be useful for the parent packet.
    Ellen Thompson
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  • Partnership Letters

    Does anyone have sample letters that they send out to local businesses seeking possible SAE placements? Or a letter that they send out inviting local businesses, school officials etc. to a breakfast or other event at...
    Jen Cushman
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