• Does anyone use Instagram for recruitment

    I am wondering if anyone uses Instagram in order to promote their program? If so what are the pros, cons, who runs it, etc? I was in a meeting and some parents said that it may be a way to attract kids to want to come...
    Matt Agnello
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  • FFA Alumni Materials

    I have created two documents that may help with the promotion of your FFA Alumni Chapters.  I am in the process of working with my alumni to build  our Alumni Chapter and the attached promotional flier and brochure.  ...
    Krista Moser
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  • What Ag Facilities do you have?

    Spurred by Adam Savage's twitter account @donttrythis and the hashtag #tinyshop. I thought there should be a discussion with pictures of Ag classrooms from all over. https://cashtonffa.org/cashton-agriculture-departme...
    Nathan King
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  • School Test Plot

    Our school district has recently been given a very exciting opportunity to utilize approximately 9 acres to raise funds for the FFA chapters. This is tillable land located about 6 miles from the school. We are current...
    Lezlie Durst
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  • Building Administration/Principal Relationships

    Just wondering if you guys had some thoughts on how you build or strengthen administration/principal relationships.  I am looking to provide some ideas to young teachers on what might work best to develop a strong rel...
    Alissa Smith
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  • New Member & Parent Letter

    Does anyone have a FFA new member and new parent letter or handbook they would be willing to share? Thanks
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  • What is FFA Power Point for Public Information

    Our chapter is presenting at a Small Farm Conference and would like to create a power point about What is FFA  to present to a public audience. Does anyone have a nice power point to share if they do something similar...
    Melinda Klockziem
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  • Recuitment help

    It is the end of a successful school year.  I am starting to think about the up comming year and about back to school activities to have in August around the start of school but I am lost about what to do.  This will ...
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  • Wall of Accomplishment?

    Hello,   I have recently been given access to a rather large section of hallway in outside of my classroom.  I would like to develop/make an "FFA Wall of Accomplishment".  I am considering a few things, like a set of...
    Dan Witten
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  • Program Website Ideas Needed

    My department chair and I have been charged with developing a webpage off of our school webpage to showcase our department.  I know many of you are doing some incredible things and may already have a great website/web...
    Michaela Kehrer
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  • FFA/AG Promotion ideas

    My brand new advisory board met last night for the first time.  We talked a lot about trying to get the word out about the benefits of Ag & the FFA to students.  They would like to see us put out some sort of flyer th...
    Michelle Sweeten
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  • Ag Interest Surveys for Students and Parents

    Does anyone have a copy of an interest survey that they give to students and/or one that goes to parents? We're trying to build a program back up and want to know what people are interested in. I know I've seen some g...
    Kellie Claflin
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  • What can we learn from Marketing 101?

    I recently facilitated a workshop on Marketing/Advocating for the ag program. Now, I can’t say I’m an expert at this but I will say that there are a whole lot of resources out there to get better.   That being said, ...
    Nina Crutchfield
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  • Farm to School Program

    Interested to know how agricultural education programs across the nation are partnering with the Farm to School Program .
    Steve Gratz
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  • Alumni Scholarship

    We have recently just started an Alumni chapter here at my school. One of the main goals of the Alumni group is to give out a scholarship for the senior class. I was wondering if anyone's chapter gave scholarship or t...
    Lezlie Durst
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  • Presentations/Documents to showcase Ag program to School Board?

    Our State Ag Teachers are looking for a document/presentation that can be presented to School Boards to promote Ag Ed programs in your schools.
    Christie Joehl
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  • College and Career Readiness-course selection guide

    How are you highlighting college and career readiness in your course selection guides and in your ag curriculum?   In the push to put students in an academic track, how do you show to students, parents and admin that...
    Deb Seibert
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  • Proving Your Program to be Valuable..

    I am in a new school this year, we are a fairly new program.. just about to the middle of year number 4! I'm excited to start in a new place, but have found that there is a "gap" between my program and the rest of the...
    Lindsey Whetstone
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  • Do you have a CURRICULUM SURVEY to share?

    I am revising curriculum.  Does anyone have a survey for students, parents, stakeholders, etc.?
    Kurt Wissenburg
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  • Letter to 8th Graders

    Does anyone send out a letter to potential students for FFA/ag? If so, what do you say?   Thanks!
    Elly Stremsterfer
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