• Ag Literacy Curriculum

    I'm in the process of developing an independent study curriculum. I have a couple of students this upcoming year who won't be able to take my classes during their regular scheduled times due to conflict with vo-tech a...
    Dusty Davidson
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  • Looking for New Leadership Text

      I am looking for suggestions of a good text book for my Leadership course.  I typically don't use texts often, but will use them more as a supplement to what I am teaching in class.  I want a book that has some use...
    Michaela Kehrer
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  • Good Byproduct Websites?

    Anyone have some good web links to agricultural byproducts. I started a Symbaloo for use with my students and wanted to add more. I know I've seen some just never bookmarked them. Please add your thoughts in a reply. ...
    Robin McLean
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  • First Day Activities/Intro to Ag

    Hello!   I am looking for ideas on how to introduce agriculture to my very urban students. I need some activities but also need to start at a very basic level.   Does anyone have any activities/powerpoints that I ca...
    Ashton Meints
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  • Summer Workshop

    Hello!   I am working at an Extension Office this summer and one of my duties includes planning a segment for an Animal Science workshop on the Muscular System in meat animals. They would like the lesson to include C...
    Siera Meyer
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  • FLAT STANLEY!! Participants needed ASAP!

    Happy march everyone:)   I have an Agriscience class that is working on flat stanley project.  We already have information and "Stanleys" developed representing Illinois agriculture.  I was wondering if anyone from t...
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  • Good Ag Magazines for the Classroom

    I'm looking for magazines to bring into the classroom.  I would like to use the articles for ag literacy and current events.  Does anyone have magazines that you have found useful?  What are different ways you've used...
    Etta Knuth
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  • Bulletin Board Ideas

    Every school year I struggle with coming up with new bulletin board ideas - Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?   I usually end up alternating my bulletin board designs - I will share with you as well what I h...
    Cathy Berrier
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  • Ag Careers

    Does anyone have an Ag Careers lesson plan or activity?
    Jean Whitlock
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  • Any ideas for a children's Ag Education Tent at local fair?

    It can't be a petting zoo..the local 4-H already does that. Tent is designed for children 8 and under and they can come and go as they wish. Currently we call it "Farmer For A Day" and the kids have to milk a fake cow...
    Mark Anderson
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  • State Convention Program Filler

    I'm not positive that this is the right location for this post, but I am looking for material to use in the margins of our state FFA convention program.  In the past we printed statistics on commodities grown in our s...
    Karie Smith-Dillinger
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  • Magazines for Classroom

    Any suggestions for which magazines to subscribe to in the classroom? I have a small budget for "periodicals" e.g. magazines. I'm trying to decide which ones would be the most beneficial. I currently get Hoard's Dairy...
    Sonja Stoterau
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  • Incorporating Literacy into the Agriculture Classroom

    I am in the process of trying to incorporate more literacy into my classes.  I have heard of other teachers doing 'group book projects' and I would like to have one per semester in each of my courses.  The classes I t...
    Michaela Kehrer
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  • Address Requested for Farmers in NM, OK, MT, KS and WV

    Yes, It's a weird request.  Sally inspired me with her "Thank a Farmer" project posting.  If I get the address of a farmer in New Mexico, Montana, Kansas and West Virginia, my students will be sending a note to at lea...
    Robin McLean
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  • Farmer Appreciation Day

    Do you have any special activities that you do in your classroom or FFA Chapter that would be considered under the category of Farmer Appreciation?  Many of you know about the Happy Farmers Day cards that my students ...
    Sally Shomo
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  • Organic Farming and Products

    Does anyone have any lessons, powerpoints, etc. about organic farming that would be on an 8th grade level.  I need to make it easy to understand but do not want it to be too technical.  I only have one day to devote t...
    Sally Shomo
    created by Sally Shomo
  • Chew On This - Agricultural Lessons

    I have been given the honor of teaching twenty eighth grade students who have never been in an AG Class before.  The title of this class is called "Chew On This".  We will be studying the importance of crops and anima...
    Sally Shomo
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  • Peanut Butter Making Labs?

    Today we were discussion George Washington Carver and his over 300 uses for the peanut.  My 8th graders want to conduct some research on making peanut butter.  Anyone have some easy to do labs in this regard?  A recipe? 
    Robin McLean
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  • Ideas on how to make my dream job come true?

    Good afternoon everyone,   My name is Brittany Garrett. I will be a senior ag ed student come next week. I am so passionate about increasing children, adults, or just anyone for that matter understanding of agricultu...
    Brittany Garrett
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  • Local Chapters/Programs conducting International Experiences?

    Has anyone conducted any international experiences or know a chapter that has in the past?   I would love to know about. Especially any information that could address things/questions like:   what where the biggest ...
    Daniel Foster
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