• Looking for student based books on Agriculture

    Our school is emphasizing 'reading to learn' in our curriculum and asking all teachers to do reading assignments with our students.  I am looking for  books that relate to agriculture that my students would find inter...
    Sally Shomo
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  • Does anyone have an Ag Careers lesson plan or activity?

    Does anyone have an Ag Careers lesson plan or activity??   Thanks so much! Jean
    Jean Whitlock
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  • 8th Grade Ag Class

    Hello!   I have 8th grade students for 1 semester. I am looking for curriculum ideas for this class.   Thanks! Ashton
    Ashton Meints
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  • Video: Principles of Curiosity - Critical Thinking and Skepticism in the Classroom

    Science writer Brian Dunning has just released Principles of Curiosity, a free short film and lesson guide designed to teach students the fundamentals of critical thinking and deductive reasoning. Dunning has been wor...
    Julie Fritsch
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  • Nominate someone you know for the 2017 America's Farmers Farm Mom of the Year

    Through the America’s Farmers Farm Mom of the Year program, Monsanto is looking to recognize and celebrate deserving farm moms for their many contributions. Nominations for the 2017 America’s Farmers Mom of the Year a...
    Julie Fritsch
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  • Elementary School Lesson Plans- Ag After School Program

    Hey guys!   Julie and Ellen just got this up on the National Teach Ag Day Website as well, but I'm throwing it up here as well, hoping people will find it useful!  This is a 30ish page document full of lessons (inclu...
    Bethany Knowlton
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  • Happy FFA Week - Ag Assessment

    For a FFA Week activity, we had every 6th through 12th grader in our district take our 2016 Agriculture Assessment.  The main goal is to expose students the the variety and diversity in the agriculture industry and th...
    Jason Larison
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  • Super Bowl and Agriculture Prezi

    In case anyone wants to make some connections between the Super Bowl and agriculture in advance of Sunday's event, here is a Prezi that I whipped up that you are free to use.  https://prezi.com/nrr94lqlmiop/super-bo...
    Robin McLean
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  • Food For America Resources

    Food For America Resources are now available on FFA Learn, ffa.learn.com. Three types of lessons are included:   Primary lessons are written for high school students to deliver to students in grades K-3. Upper e...
    Katy Mumaw
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  • Winter Holiday & Agriculture Prezi Available

    As you gear up for Winter Break, if you have a half day and need some "filler", here is a Prezi I made to use with my students. Winter 2014 Holiday Season by Robin McLean on Prezi    Although it's linked with a pat...
    Robin McLean
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  • Farmed and Dangerous

    Farmed and Dangerous | Chipotle Original Series   From what I can tell, the first episode was released just yesterday. I only noticed it because it was the first video advertised on my Hulu account. I have a Hulu Plu...
    Ryan McMichael
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  • 2014 Agriculture Assessment - FFA Week Activity

    One of our FFA Activities in the Ag Literacy area is to have every student grades 6-12, plus faculty and staff take an agriculture awareness assessment on quia.com.  We will recognize every one of our students school ...
    Jason Larison
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  • Need a short Ag-Holiday Connection Lesson - have a Prezi

    Friday will be a half day of school for us with classes interrupted by assemblies, missing students who left on vacation early and students who are in band or chorus missing from class for the duration of the assembly...
    Robin McLean
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  • Need a Must Read list of books for High School

    I have to have a literacy component to my class. My freshmen read Norman Borlaug's The Man Who Fed The World. Great book!! I need something like that for my sophomores. It can be fictio or non-fiction. I just want it ...
    Kim OByrne
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  • Obtaining Free posters??

    I have just moved to a new school.  The previous teacher had old damaged posters, and very few of them.  I want to dress up my new room a bit, but I have very few posters and resources.  Do you know who to contact for...
    tessa gamble
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  • Discussion Guides for Norman Borlaug

    In preparation for the upcoming school year I have decided to really implement a lot of reading/literacy into my agriculture classes.  I would love to use Our Daily Bread as the first book for the semester and I was w...
    Leanna Weimer
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  • Professional Development Opportunity - ISASH Conference on Ag Safety

    The International Society for Agricultural Safety and Health (ISASH) is an organization dedicated to the professional development of individuals interested in agricultural safety and health, providing national and int...
    Julie Fritsch
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  • 2012 Job Outlook Guide from AgCareers.com

    This PDF might be good for a unit on ag careers - it is a review of employment trends in agriculture for 2012, and covers top demand career types, industry types by geographic region, educational requirements, etc. Yo...
    Julie Fritsch
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  • Monsanto Program Lets Farmers Choose Favorite School District

    America’s Farmers Grow Rural Education For the second year in a row, the Monsanto Fund is gearing-up to invest $2.3 million to strengthen math and science education in rural communities through America’s Farmers Grow...
    Julie Fritsch
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  • Ag Career Profiles - Fact Sheets on 58 High-Demand Ag Careers

    I wanted to share this great resource developed by Illinois FCAE (Facilitating Coordination in Agricultural Education) and AgCareers.com. It's free downloadable PDF fact sheets on 58 high demand agriculture careers.  ...
    Julie Fritsch
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