Jay Jackman

Washington Beat -- June 2021

Blog Post created by Jay Jackman on Jun 14, 2021

FY22 White House Budget Request and Updates from the U.S. Department of Education (ED)


The White House has released its $6 trillion budget proposal for FY22. This request calls for a $20 million increase (approximately 1.5%) to the Perkins Basic State Grant, as well as a $108 million increase for National Programs -- of which $100 million would fund competitive awards for middle and high school CTE innovation projects aimed at advancing equity and $8 million would fund technical assistance and grant evaluations. The request also includes a new $1 billion annually for 10 years to support middle and high school career pathways that would occur through the passage of the American Jobs Plan. Advance CTE in partnership with the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) released a statement on this proposal, which can be viewed here.


Of the record 41% increase ($29.8 billion) for education programs, much of that funding is dedicated to new programs. For example, the $20 billion increase for Title I is designated for a new Equity Grants program with the purpose of addressing inequities in education systems. Some additional changes to existing programs include an increase of $200.8 million for Federal TRIO Programs and an increase of $5 million for rural school districts through the Rural Education Achievement Program (REAP).


You can find additional information on the White House budget request at the following links: