• Veterinary Terminology Activities?

    I am teaching Veterinary Science for the first time and am looking for some activity ideas for students to learn/practice vet med terminology.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Thank you,   Michelle
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  • Vet Science Workbook

    Hi,   Does anyone have the Teacher's Guide that goes to the Veterinary Science Student Workbook that was developed by Team Ag Ed and Cornell Educational Resources Program? I have attached the workbook for anyone else...
    Amanda Hack
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  • Does anyone know if the Veterinary Science Workbook has been updated?

    I got word that the workbook was to be revised and updated this year. I was curious if it was released yet...I would like to get a start on planning for this upcoming school year.   Thanks!!
    Kathryn Simunich
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  • vet science resources

    Hey guys, I am needing some more resources besides the cornell workbook.  Does anyone have anything they would be willing to share.  PPT or worksheet will be great.  One more question, does anyone know when the new co...
    McClane Bryant
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  • Using LabQuest for Veterinary Medical Applications course?

    Curious if anyone has used labquests and corresponding sensors to perform labs in vet med. I use the equipment for the CASE curriculum but would like to get more bang for my buck if anyone has any resources they would...
    Magan Escamilla
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  • The Incredible Dr. Pol

    Does anyone have a listening guide/worksheet for The Incredible Dr. Pol show?   Please share if you do!  Thanks!
    Cathy Berrier
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  • Nasco discount?

    I want to order from Nasco and I think we have a discount by belonging to Farm Bureau or maybe as a member of our dairy co-op or even as a AAA member--anyone help me? thanks
    Pat Tax
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  • Pre Vet/Vet Tech Trimester Course

    I recently took a new job at a school that runs on a 7 period trimester schedule and was wondering if anyone had a Vet Tech Curriculum/Course Plan for a Trimester schedule. This is a big change for me going from an A/...
    Bret Spurgin
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  • Vet Science class budget

    Does anyone have a detailed budget prepared for their vet science class? (materials, where you get them, etc.)  I am teaching the course for next year and just found out that I need an itemized budget for materials by...
    Corrine Smith
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  • What certification do your Veterinary Science students earn in a semester long class?

    My Veterinary Science students are third year students who have taken both Small Animal Care I & II-they have also earned their Small Animal Science & Technology Certification through NOCTI. I am looking into getting ...
    Kathryn Simunich
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  • Animal/patient history samples

    I know I have seen them somewhere, and I have spent the majority of the day trying to search for them.. But I need to find animal/patient histories for students to use during a lab.  My idea is to have a picture and t...
    Sarah Armstrong-Serbus
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  • Student Teacher, looking for amazing resources for a Vet Tech program (lesson plans, labs, lecture/powerpoints) anything would be great!

    Hi, first off thanks in advance for any hints, advice, material, etc that you can offer me!  I am starting my student teaching in February and I am co-teaching a new Vet Tech program, that has not been fully developed...
    Sarah Armstrong-Serbus
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  • Vet Science Team Activity

    I am new to the Vet Science curriculum and CDE this year.  I was wondering if anyone could share how they prepare their team for the team practicum.  I have seen many of the scenarios but have no clue how to tackle it...
    Corrine Wascher
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  • Knots and Restraints

    I will be starting a unit on knots and restraints next week.  Does anyone have anything that they would be willing to share? I have started to compile some knots and restraints that I would like my students to be able...
    Kelly Wilcox
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  • Animal Care Training Resources

    Has anyone used the Animal Care Management resources from animal care training.  I have a trial account set up know and was curious how you utilized it in your class and if you thought the price was worth it for what ...
    Emily Taylor
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  • School Board wanting Policy Proposal for Animals  in the Career Center

    Hello All!   I'm currently setting up an entire curriculum for the new Veterinary Science/Veterinary Careers department at an Indiana High School Career Center. I'm in need of help...  I have to write up a proposal r...
    Lacey Jones
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  • Vet Tech Materials

    I am teaching Vet tech next year for the first time and was wondering what materials do I need to order a head of time?  I will focus on Small Animal Care one semester and large the next.  If anyone could give me a li...
    John Heiser
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  • Animal Models

    I am trying to find animal models to practice injections on.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  We are worried about using regular stuffed animals and actually putting liquid into them... What have others done?   Li...
    Lindsay Spurrier
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  • New Animal science program

    I was recently hired to teach a 2 year animal science program to 11th and 12th graders. I am allowed to decide what I teach for the most part. At this point I am using the Vet Science workbook Cornell created. I will ...
    Jessie Schermerhorn
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  • I am new to teaching Animal and Vet Science.  Any advice/resources?

    Hi folks! I am in need of any help I can get. I need advice/resources if you are willing to share.
    Ashley Dill
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