• Vet Science Workbook PowerPoints

    Hello! I am a first year teacher and I am teaching vet science. I have seen the awesome workbook that there is on here  and have been utilizing it. Does anyone have the powerpoints that accompany each unit/section? ...
    Austin Baker
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  • Vet Terminology Lesson, Updated Vet Curriculum

    Lots of teachers have asked for lessons on vet terminology. This is one of my favorites from the New Vet Science Curriculum. This lesson was written by NAAE winner, Tara Berescik-an absolutely amazing teacher. This le...
    Julia Smith
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  • New Cornell Vet Curriculum Link

    created by Margaret
  • Dr. Pol Biography

    I know I have seen chapter question guides that accompany Dr. Jan Pol's biography, "Never Turn Your Back on an Angus Cow".  Can someone please share if you have them?!   Thanks in advance!!
    Sherisa Nailor
    created by Sherisa Nailor
  • Does anyone have fun activity that relates to the digestive system of a ruminant?

    I am a second year teacher and I am looking for ideas on how to teach about the ruminant digestive system. Does anyone have any good ideas for activities? Copies of any diagrams or worksheets are welcomed as well.
    Monty Soto
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  • In search of: Cornell Vet Science Teacher's Guide

    Does anyone have the Cornell Vet Science Teacher's Guide?  I only have the student workbook but would love to track down the teacher information!  Thanks!   Corrine Wascher
    Corrine Wascher
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  • Vet Science Workbook in a Word Doc?

    Does anyone have a copy of the Vet Science Workbook (Team Ag Ed) in a word doc? I'm trying to move paperless with this curriculum but the formatting is in pdf. I would like to be able to offer the activities in a word...
    Sara Cobb
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  • Does anyone have lab activities or simulations students can complete in a vet tech class?

    Does anyone have lab activities or simulations students can complete in a vet tech class? Anything with anatomy, suturing, blood drawing, injections etc.
    Jen Cushman
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  • Agricultural Certifications for Students/Teachers

    I am currently try to find any and all certificates that students can earn while in high school that are agriculturally based.  If you know of any please let me know.  Thank you for your time in this matter.   Reta Yanik
    Reta Yanik
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  • Animal (Waivers or Permission) for Dogs

    I would like to bring in my dog to my vet science class and my principal would like me to send out a waiver or permission so parents are aware the students would be handling a dog. I would like to expand to included c...
    Melinda Klockziem
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  • 2016 Zoetis Industry Support Program

    Last year, veterinarians and animal health resellers partnered with Zoetis to donate more than $1.3 million to FFA chapters across the country. Their support helps FFA chapters give their members hands-on opportunitie...
    Julie Fritsch
    created by Julie Fritsch
  • Does anyone have Vet Science/Tech Course Calendar

    I am looking at changing my animal science class to be more Vet Science/Vet Tech focused. I didn't know if anyone had a course outline they didn't mind sharing? I just wanted to avoid reinventing the wheel if it is al...
    Lezlie Durst
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  • Do you have a Field Trip form?

    Do you guys have a consent form for field trips I can look over? or a Medical release form? We will have animals on campus and my kids are under 18.
    Lacey Jones
    created by Lacey Jones
  • End-of-Year Vet Science curriculum

    Help!  I am stuck in a rut.  My seniors leave tomorrow which will account for about 2/3rds of my Veterinary Science class.  I have no idea what to cover with the remaining students that will keep them engaged until th...
    Corrine Wascher
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  • Team AgEd Vet Science- Unit K Test

    Does anyone have the Unit K Test for the Team AgEd Vet Science curriculum? Only half of it is included in the curriculum that I have downloaded. Thank you!_
    Sara Cobb
    created by Sara Cobb
  • Vet Science Supplies

    Hello!   Where do you order supplies for teaching a veterinary science class? What supplies do you recommend ordering?   Thanks! Ashton Bohling
    Ashton Meints
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  • Vaccinations

    I'm currently teaching a Vet Science class and we just started discussing vaccinations. I was surprised this morning when many of my students told me that they don't vaccinate their animals and that they think it's a ...
    Danielle Melino
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  • Pig Dissecting

    I'm looking for PowerPoints and other documents to use to teach my students about the pig systems, parts and anything else they need to know before dissecting a pig. Does anyone have any good resources?
    Terra Kimes Davis
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  • Doing my thesis on Vet science curriculm

    Hey everyone, My name is Renee Greenwald and I am a graduate student.  I am working on my thesis.  I really want to create a vet science/ vet tech curriculum for High School students but I need help with what units ...
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  • Using student pets for labs

    I would like to have my vet science students bring in some of their own dogs/cats/pets for the class to practice taking TPR (Temperature, Pulse, Respiration Rate).  Has anyone done this before?  Suggestions/Advice?  O...
    Mariah Roberts
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