Andrea Fristoe

Homebound Agricultural Educational Resources to Share

Blog Post created by Andrea Fristoe on Apr 28, 2020

Dear Educators, Extension Specialists, and Leaders,

The Farm Journal Foundation would like to thank you for your efforts to continue the education of our children during this difficult time. Many of our staff are currently benefiting from the great efforts teachers and administrators are making during this time to keep quality educational materials flowing out to students.

Over the past several years our organization has worked on an eLearning initiative that is focused on providing an overview of the U.S. agricultural system. The content is quite dynamic and largely video-narrated by farmers, ranchers and growers from across the United States. Much of this content is currently featured in an educational garden installation located on the National Mall entitled Agriculture Through the Voice of the Farmer.

It is our honor to be able to offer these to you, free of charge, for use in developing your lesson plans or to share with other teachers, youth program coordinators or educational organizations. 

Resources available:

  • Overview of the US Agriculture System based on FJF's Garden Tour on the National Mall--Short Form eLearning Modules (2-3 Minutes Each--12 segments Total) 
  • Business and Culture of US Agriculture--Short Form Segments based on FJF's Garden Tour on the National Mall (2-3 Minutes Each--4 Thematic Chapters) 
  • Overview of the US Agriculture System--Long Form eLearning Modules (15-20 Minutes Chapters, 12 Chapters Divided Across 4 Thematic Modules)

To access these resources please visit the special landing page we have established for educators by clicking on this link or going to