Andrea Fristoe

GoogleClassroom Online Learning Resources from Texas Beef Council

Blog Post created by Andrea Fristoe on Apr 8, 2020

We know these unprecedented times are leading to so many challenges for individuals, families and communities. We applaud you for doing the critical work of still caring for and educating students in the midst of this global crisis. We’d love to provide you with a resource that can be an “easy button” for you to provide meaningful, educational experiences for your students.


The Texas Beef Council recently launched Raw Truth About Beef interactive learning platform that delivers a behind-the-scenes look at the beef production process from pasture to plate. The program follows a registered dietitian nutritionist and an executive chef on a tour through the beef life cycle. To learn how cattle are raised, they visit a purebred ranch, a cow/calf ranch, and tour a feedyard. Stops at a processing facility, a distributor, a retail store, and a restaurant explore how beef becomes a safe, nutrient-dense protein source.


The following documents will walk you through details about the platform, how to use it with your agriculture students online, and information on how you can track the progress of your individual students.


You have two options to incorporate this into your classroom for distance learning:


  • We’ve created a Raw Truth About Beef class in GoogleClassroom for both agriculture and culinary students. It has all the resources and assignments built-in for your convenience. If you’d like to be added to this course as a co-teacher, email Audrey Denney. From there you can copy the course and assign it to your students. If your school district doesn’t allow you to be added to courses outside of your domain. Use these documents to easily re-create the GoogleClassroom course (Agriculture Course ).
  • If you’d prefer your students use the web-based platform, email Audrey and she will set up your class with a unique registration link. She will then be able to send you reports of which of your students viewed the materials.