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April is Parliamentary Law Month. For the month of April on Thursdays (April 2, April 16, April 23, and April 30), Dr. Daniel Foster would like to invite you to join him for a Parliamentary Power Hour in his Zoom Room ( at 3pm EDT (2pm CDT, 1pm MDT, 12pm PDT).  


This is not formal instruction. This is informal conversations, questions/answers, sharing best practices etc. Think of it like a Parliamentary Happy Hour. Imagine conversations on instructional approaches, specific situations, digital meetings/conventions, or maybe even competitive youth events. And hopefully conversations on motions!


Everyone is welcome:

  • Secondary Teachers; Faculty; Students;  State Staff; Anyone who has a question, thought or comment on parliamentary procedure!

As more and more students are moving to online or home schooling, Protect the Harvest has decided to create a page to assist parents, teachers, or guardians with doing so. On this site you will find educational resources that can accompany the school's curriculum and expand on topics that are extremely important for children and young adults. These topics include farming, ranching, animal and crop identification, and more! Additions will be made to this page over the next coming weeks so please check back regularly for additional content! 


Follow this link for access to these great educational resources!

Washington FFA has been compiling links to resources that have been shared via email onto a single webpage for teachers as a one-stop-shop.


You can access the page HERE or at:

Iowa PBS wanted to share with you a collection of free Ag Education modules based on the Agribusiness broadcast program, Market to Market. Market to Market Classroom connects your students with timely stories about the science, technology, culture, and business of agriculture. Every Friday a new episode airs and is available for free on our website, along with a large archive of previous episodes. Each of the six modules connects students with the broadcast episodes and include includes classroom activities ideas and project-based learning opportunities. The teacher guide - developed by veteran AgEd educators from Iowa - includes connections to AgEd, Common Core, and C3 standards. 


The resource is available here:


Finally, you are invited to reach out to our Agribusiness broadcast producers and analysts via twitter: They love to take questions from students and teachers and may even ask your question on the air. 

The idea is that teachers can send this assignment to their students and have them diagram circuits for distance learning.


Teachers can instruct students to watch the video, then download the Drawing Electrical Circuits Powerpoint and diagram the circuits provided (see files attached at the bottom of this post). There is also a Drawing 3 way & 4 way switch Powerpoint (see files attached at the bottom of this post). Students can use the skills they developed in the Drawing Electrical Circuits tutorial and the instructions in the 3 way & 4 way switch Powerpoint to diagram circuits as well. 

(shared by Sidney Bell)

Follow this link for access to great distance learning resources compiled by Georgia Agricultural Education. There's something there for ALL ag teachers!

Organic Growers School is offering resources from the Southern Appalachian region for growers specifically. There are some great educational resources and learning tools just for educators on the site!


Follow this link to check out the resources!

Looking for a new or innovative platform to use as you facilitate your virtual classroom? Check out this great list (with descriptions) of online educational platforms from!


Click here for more information!

Check out the California Ag Ed webpage. It is full of great lesson plans and resources that you may be able to modify and use in your own virtual classroom!


Follow this link to access these great resources!

Need help facilitating instruction for your ag mech class? Join the California Ag Mech Projects group on Facebook and connect with your colleagues!


You can also find some great resources from other ag mech teachers by clicking here. 

Distance learning has opened up a lot of new doors for ag teachers! Network with other ag teachers from across the nation and learn some great tips and gather great resources from your colleagues in California!


If you’re not already a member request to join by clicking here!

Many schools are in the process of implementing virtual learning environments. In an effort to help face this challenge, iCEV is working to provide solutions to affected schools.


iCEV offers a variety of resources to help schools transition to distance learning when the need arises. Learn how to use the iCEV curriculum platform to shift your classes to a distance learning model using the Distance Learning Strategies Guide and other resources.


Click here for Resources for Distance Learning


iCEV also has integrations for Canvas, Schoolology, and Google Classrooms!

Check out this great tool to get started, and an intro to some good resources available on CTEOnline.


Follow this link for more!

ACTE recognizes the dramatic impact COVID-19 is having on your instructional efforts. We are pleased to announce through CTE Learn, along with our partner at MaxKnowledge, that we are now offering the following free online courses to prepare educators to teach online.


  • EL102 Online Teaching Techniques
  • EL103 Teaching Online: A Student-Centered Approach
  • EL104 Teaching and Organizing a Virtual Learning Environment
  • EL105 Online Language: Communicating with Students
  • EL108 Preparing Students to Become Good Online Learners
  • EL112 Workload Management Strategies for Teaching Online


Follow this link to access the FREE online resources!

Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Midwest and the Region 9 Comprehensive Center are hosting a “quick chat” webinar tomorrow, Thursday, March 26, from 2:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. CT, focused on strategies for effectively teaching K–12 students in a virtual setting.


The webinar will feature REL Midwest senior researcher Marshal Conley, who will share research-based strategies to consider while transitioning classroom practices to an e-learning environment. Participants also will hear from two K–12 educators: Lindsey Jensen, 2018 Illinois Teacher of the Year with Dwight Public Schools and Jim Johnson, a history teacher with Illinois School District 308. Both Jensen and Johnson will share the approaches they are using to connect with students, develop lesson plans, and manage student work in a virtual environment.


To register for the event, please click here.


March 26, 2020
2:30–3:00 p.m. CT
Register here: Zoom Webinar Link


If you cannot attend the live event, register to be notified when the webinar archive is available.


The Institute of Education Sciences, a part of the U.S. Department of Education, is the nation's leading source for rigorous, independent education research, evaluation and statistics.

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