• How do you make paper with a forestry class?

    I know there are a lot of websites that can explain the steps, but is there one that has worked for you??? I would like to do this activity but would like to use a proven method!   Help!
    Amanda Thorsvig
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  • Home on the Rangeland!

    Does anyone have any resources (powerpoints, lesson plans, etc.) the are related to the rangeland?
    created by Myranda
  • AP Environmental Science

    I am going to be putting together an AP Environmental Science class for 2011. Does anyone have tips, experiments, texts, that work for them? My director had told me to ask what is working for agriculture teachers.   ...
    Annette Weeks
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  • Raising Catfish

    We have raised fish before but never Catfish in our Greenhouse tank.  Algae has always been an issue but with Catfish I'm not sure what we could add to the tank to help keep it cleaner... Suggestions?   Thanks!
    Lindsay Spurrier
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  • Proficiency In the Classroom

    I have tried to introduce proficiency in the beginning and middle of the school year. But can't gain student's interest. What do other teachers do? What are the benefits for a student to complete one?
    Sara Colombe
    created by Sara Colombe
  • New Natural Resources/Environmental Sciences course

    I am looking to start a natural resources/environmental sciences course, either semester or year long. Looking for curriculum, sequence of content, etc. Any helpful hints and ideas are greatly appreciated!
    Taylor Zobel
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  • End of Unit Game Creation?

    Does anyone have a rubric and/or criteria for an end of unit game creation? Next week is benchmark testing at our school. We are at the end of the Environmental Science unit, so it is time to give them an evaluation g...
    Robin McLean
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  • Natural Resources Suggestions?

    Hi all -   I am student teaching in Minnesota this spring and will be teaching a course on Natural Resources for a group of about 25 students. I am looking to put together a good 12 weeks of content that students enj...
    Heidie Sloot
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  • Forestry Curriculum?

    Hello, I am a first year teacher and am teaching Forestry to a very small class (4 total); who aren't that excited about being in the class anyway. Does anyone have any curriculum they wouldn't mind sharing, project i...
    Michelle Preslar
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  • Public Lands Vacation

    Creating a project for my students in Natural Resources that asks them to plan a vacation through some of the public lands in the U.S. (National Forests/Parks/Monuments/etc...) as well as some other things "natural re...
    Kathryn Justus
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  • Fish Tank HELPT

    Lindsay Spurrier
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  • Forestry Help

    I am trying to develop a forestry unit. I have started out with a review of plant cells and photosynthesis. I'm not sure where to go from here? Does anyone any have suggestions? Thanks!
    Jessica Russ
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  • New classes starting- Wildlife Management/Natural Resource and Project Learning

    I will be starting several new classes at my school next year. The first one is Wildlife Management and Natural Resources. Does anyone have a course outline for a course like this that they would be willing to share? ...
    Rick Bierbrauer
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  • Minnesota Case study "1837: The Final Decision"

    I am looking for the supporting documents for the Decision case on Native American treaty rights.  It is an OLD case study but I would like to use it. Written by Dr. Roland Peterson and Gerilynn Perkins.   Thanks.
    Jason Holt
    created by Jason Holt
  • Hunting Unit

    Does anyone have a hunting unit for use? I'm looking to do a two week unit covering the following: History of Hunting, Criticisms and Benefits and Hunting Management. Thanks! -steve
    Steve Lammers
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  • Has anyone participated in WeatherSTEM?

    My superintendant mentioned to me today that he had talked to a guy about WeatherSTEM.  It is a program in Florida that provides you with a Weather Station Unit it collects data about the weather including wind speed ...
    Kala Miller
    created by Kala Miller
  • Outdoor Recreation Outline

    We are reviewing our course offerings.  The idea of so a 1 semester Outdoor Recreation Course has come up.  does anyone have an currently offer an outdoor rec course?  Would you be willing to share an outline?
    Jesse Faber
    created by Jesse Faber
  • Leaf Collection Alternative Assignment

    At the beginning of the semester I had a meeting with the mother of a student with severe allergies (many grasses, Oaks, Maples, Cottonwoods, Pecan, etc) in my Forestry class. I made sure she understood that we would ...
    Michael Atkinson
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  • Air Quality & Solid Waste Suggestions?

    I'm teaching a small unit on Air Quality/Pollution and Solid Waste that I struggle with.  Does anyone have any suggestions on videos, websites, or activities you use that are helpful?  I have seen test kits and pollut...
    Wil Baxley
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  • Renewable Energy

    Can anyone help with some good Renewable Energy lesson plans with labs?  Specificially I am looking for Lesson Plans and any resources on Wind and Solar but also general energy would work as well.  You can leave infor...
    Corrine Smith
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