• Final Project for a wildlife/natural resources class

    I have a small group of 10 students for my wildlife and natural resources class and I would much rather do a final project with them than a final test. Does anyone have an good projects for students to do for this typ...
    Carlie Bossard
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  • Field Study Wildlife Final Project

    I am looking for some case studies for my Field Study in Wildlife class that involves different species.  Does anyone have any resources or case studies already created? 
    Stacy Skemp
    created by Stacy Skemp
  • Aquaculture- Tilapia, Catfish, Largemouth Bass

    Well I am new at this and there  might be a better catagory to post aquaculture questions.  We try to provide tilapia for schools and we usually suceed.  I would like to know if anyone else works with largemouth bass ...
    Howard Heavner
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  • Fish or Wildlife Species Postcard Exchange Anyone

    Would anyone be interested in doing a fish species postcard exchange between classes?  I have several sections of Fish & Wildlife Management this fall.  My Wisconsin students would love to learn more about fish and/or...
    Laura Hasselquist
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  • Harvesting your fish

    So I'm getting down to where I will be able to harvest the Tilapia fish I have been raising. What are some suggestions about harvesting them? Do you do it in school? Do you have to bring knives in? Do you let students...
    Carlie Bossard
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  • How would you incorporate Hunger Games into your curriculum?

    I really like the idea of using the Hunger Games as a class assignment, but can't seem to narrow down any solid ideas. I am thinking of following a Natural Resources path. Please share your ideas!
    Christina Sanders
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  • Natural Resources

    Hello!   I am looking for curriculum/materials for my natural resources class. I have already taught soils and would like to squeeze in water, energy, and wildlife before the end of the school year. I do not have any...
    Ashton Meints
    created by Ashton Meints
  • Need help with Wildlife Identification

    Does anyone have good activities for Wildlife ID? I would like to make it more interesting than just showing pictures etc and talking about each of the species.   Thanks! Carlie
    Carlie Bossard
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  • Soils Videos created by UNL and NRCS from Nebraska

    Been waiting for the soils videos and the project was completed and still ongoing. Thanks to the Nebraska Environmental Trust, Ed George, Brandy VanDeWalle UNL Extension agent in Filmore County, UNL, UNL Extension, th...
    Ken Malone
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  • Acorn ID

    As I was running in the woods tonight I was thinking about my forestry class.  I thought it would be helpful to give my kids a handout with the different types of acorns on it.   I did a quick google search and also l...
    ed olsen
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  • Become a Weather Station

    I have been using a program for a few years I really enjoy. Your school can become a weather station. You report the daily precipitation for your location. The information is used to generate a map of the US. My stude...
    Lezlie Durst
    created by Lezlie Durst
  • Range & Ecology

    In 11 years of teaching I am once again teaching another subject that I have a very limited knowledge about. I took a Range & Ecology class in college and found my old material from it, but coming up with stuff for hi...
    Casey Jones
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  • Land Use Management - help!

    I am looking for ideas/resources/outlines etc for my Land Use Management class. There really isn't alot of direction for what was expected for this class, and I am a new teacher this year. I asked the teacher that had...
    Maria Funk
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  • Forestry: time lapse prescribed burn video

    Here's a minute long video that shows a time lapse version of a prescribed burn and subsequent plant regeneration of the understory.  Makes a great class opener for silvicultural practices in natural resources and for...
    Brian Tomlinson
    created by Brian Tomlinson
  • Bio Energy/Bio Products Lab

    Im not sure how many folks teach about alternative energy/bioenergy or products with their students but we have just wrapped up our labs this week (we are testing some biodiesel we made in class this week on Monday!) ...
    Gina Neff
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  • Fish Tanks with Viewing Windows

    The program that I am teaching at hosts an Ag. Expo with a fish station.  A tank with a viewing window to look out trout is needed to suit the k-3rd graders.  I also plan to use the tank for Aquaculture down the road....
    Shane Stevenson
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  • NR and Plant Science

    Hi,   Next year my Natural Resources class will be shortened to one semester (currently it is year long). The second semester will be a Plant Science class. Does anyone have unit plans, class description, PowerPoints...
    Siera Meyer
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  • Scratch Built Aquaculture Unit

    So I decided last year that I wanted to try to build a aquaculture unit for my agriculture program. I started out by asking a local tank manufacture if they would donate a tank. Within a day, I have a 700 gallon tank ...
    James Kemble
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  • Final Project-Wildlife

    We are coming to an end in my natural Resources class with 4 weeks left.. We are getting into Wildlife.. My question is, Im wanting to make a final assignment where the students take charge and teach the class. One at...
    Dawn Baker
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  • Wildlife Powerpoints and Activities

    Wildlife and Fishery Science. These are powerpoints on Reptiles, Birds, and Fish. I had more but these are the ones that survived a harddrive crash! I also used Project Wild and Project Wild Aquatic as supplemental ...
    Katelynn Harshman
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