• Soil Erosion Lesson Plan

    I'm currently student teaching and have been using a lot of lessons from CoP, so it's probably high time I shared some of my materials too!  Here is a lesson plan I recently used with Jr. High students.  This could pr...
    Katie  Hothem
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  • Damage caused by Wildlife

    I created this powerpoint and activity sheet about the damages done that are caused by wildlife and the activity sheet is used with a website where you can figure out what animal is causing the damage and it gives sug...
    Carlie Bossard
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  • Topographic Map Lesson

    I was having a hard time finding an good activity on topographic/contour mapping. Here is what I adapted for my classes needs.
    Christa Williamson
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  • Climate Change & Forestry Lab

    This lab is designed to teach students forestry techniques while enabling them to see their carbon footprint in more tangible terms. Students first determine the amount of CO2 released by their lifestyle (their carbon...
    Craig A. Kohn
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  • Paw Tracks Database.xlsx

    Using for the first time this week. Each student will pick one wildlife species found in Indiana and then we will compile.    
    Amanda Mullins
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  • Creating Your Own Sustainable Farm Guide.docx

    Jamey Jo Steele
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  • Tree Growth Activity

    This is an activity I did with my forestry class to illustrate forest growth and forest layers, tree types and tree growth.  We went outside with a paper plate and set up a "forest" and competed for resources.  Just a...
    Amber Seibert
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  • Tree Age Worksheet.docx

    For a forestry class I am student teaching I was looking for a worksheet to have a student do a make up assignment on tree age and growth rings. I could not find one that worked for me so I created this one.   Studen...
    Pebbles Lacross
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  • The Dirt on Soil - Soil Safari (Discovery Internet Exploration)

    At the workshop "YouTube, Discovery and KomicsZone, Oh, My: Using the Internet to Engage Middle School Learners," held during the NAAE Convention, a comment provided was that ready to use materials and examples would ...
    Robin McLean
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  • Air Pollution.pptx

    Jamey Jo Steele
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  • Oregon Endangered Species Research Project.docx

    Jamey Jo Steele
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  • Wolf Paper Assingment Sheet.docx

    Jamey Jo Steele
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  • Jeopardy Test #5 Water.pptx

    Jamey Jo Steele
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  • Jeopardy Test #3 Biodiversity and Invasive Species.pptx

    Jamey Jo Steele
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  • Wind Energy Workshop

    Power Point from the workshop.
    Travis Scherer
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  • Wetlands in a Pan Lesson Plan

    Activity utilizes inquiry based learning, reading stragies and co-op activities to teach students about the functions and types of wetlands.
    Jessica Blythe
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  • 3-D Habitat Model project

    This is a project that I assign at the end of the semester in my Natural Resources class.  Last year, I had a lot of ambitious & competitive students and they had a lot of fun with this project. They had class time to...
    Alison McGrew
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  • Forestry Measurement Test

    Incorporates a lot of different forestry measurement components. Students are allowed to use note card with formulas for volume etc. Used with 10-11th grade students.  Must white out the blue marks on the page with th...
    Amanda Thorsvig
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  • Soil Lessons - Region VI Summer Conference

    This is basic soil science lessons idealy for an introductory course.  This is a COMPLETE unit for teaching soils, there is one presentation, 3 lessons, and 2 quizzes.
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  • Water Quality Testing- From Region VI Summer Conference

    Lesson on Water quality treatment, also shows how to create water quality testing materials, from the water quality series. 
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