• I am taking the ag mechanics vocational teacher testing for Massachusetts, is there anyone that can help me focus my studying?

    I am taking the preliminary test for ag mechanics in Massachusetts and the categories that they give to test us on is very broad. Is there anyone who can help narrow down the topics? Any help is appreciated!
    created by Stephanie
  • Electricity Lesson Plans

    Hi! I will be student teaching in January, and I am trying to find lesson plans/information on electricity.  I will be teaching a course on electricity for 10 weeks, and I am struggling to find any useful information....
    Mackenzie Crooks
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  • Building Construction Help!

    I am teaching a structural engineering class and building construction unit for the first time and would love some "seasoned" input on what major topics to cover, where I can find good (free) resources, and any teachi...
    Sarah Heilers
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  • Vehicle Maintenance

    This semester I will be teaching vehicle maintenance for the first time. I have 25 students in the class and am trying to figure out how to effectively manage the class since not all the students will be able to work ...
    Kristen W
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  • Plumbing HELP

    I was just informed that I am teaching a 7 week plumbing unit (I am mostly productions) I have the practicum list from the previous teacher but I am looking for content to cover... WHAT DO I TALK ABOUT? What is the vi...
    Lindsay Spurrier
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  • Teaching Arc weldin

    Hi, I am a first year teacher and am just starting to get kids interested in the shop. However, I am unfamiliar with teaching the beginning of arc welding. How do you start this lesson and are there any lectures/Power...
    Kailee Davis
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  • Where can I find resources to help me teach students to wire a simple switch to a bulb? Such as pictures and diagrams. Same wiring project as lower skills participates in.

    I can't seem to find anywhere a good resource to help me show the students how to correctly wire a switch to a bulb.  I've been able to get buy in the past, but came pretty close to getting shocked last year.  Any hel...
    Blake Kee
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  • Basic Engines - Module/Unit

    I am working on a Middle School Mechanics unit that involves stations and rotating through each section. They would rotate through 5 stations in groups of 3-5 students (woodworking, welding, electricity, concrete, sma...
    Dani Gaulden
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  • Pre-Engineering Help

    I have been asked to teach a pre-engineering class next year and have no idea what kind of things to cover in the class. In the past, I'm told they made trebuchets, but other than that I don't know what else to do. An...
    Nathan Anderson
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  • Looking for ideas on how to incorporate solar and wind alternative energy in ag curriculum

    Our ag program received some grants to add a "Green Roof" with a Sedum bed, a solar  panel and a wind turbine to our ag facilities. We will be storing the energy in batteries. Does anyone have alternative energy cu...
    Deb Seibert
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    I am thinking of getting these to use in my shop. Seem very versatile. Anyone out there using these and what are your thoughts one them? Here is the link to the website as well. POWER MIG® 210 MP Multi-Process We...
    James Asher
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  • Sub work for Construction class

         I'm having trouble coming up with something for my Construction class to do next week while I am away at convention (yesssss). They are hard to motivate and most don't do bookwork left with subs. I'm perfectly fi...
    Amy Stephens
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  • Curriculum for girls

    A couple of years ago, I think it was at the NAAE conference in Las Vegas, a teacher presented an Ideas Unlimited about a curriculum set up just for girls in basic shop activities.  My administration came up with an i...
    Josh Christiansen
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  • Electricity Drawings

    Does anyone have drawings that students can draw the wires need for a particular circuit?  They would show the actual pictures of the switch, duplex receptacle, light, etc.  The students would then need to just draw i...
    Vay Jensen
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  • Shop Safety Test

    I was curious about shop safety. Do you give an overall shop safety test on basic hand tools and practices, and then do each power tool separately? How far in depth do you go for each skill, practice, or power tool? E...
    Elly Stremsterfer
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  • Teaching small Engines for one semester

    Good afternoon,   Next year I am teaching Small Engines for one semester.  Currently I have taught it for one quarter.   So, I am looking for labs to add to this unit.  I am looking for how people teaching trouble sh...
    John Heiser
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  • Shop Class Clean up Checklist

    This is my first year teaching a shop class and no prior experience with teaching or managing a shop.  I'm looking for a checklist for shop cleanup.  Or how to manage the shop. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! ...
    Jenn Heinzmann
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  • Shop Tool/Inventory Management

      I teach 2 wood shop and metal shop courses plus an agriculture construction class. Additionally I have some ag classes spend a quarter in the shop on personal projects in the springtime. Each year I try new ideas f...
    Jim Cant
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  • Reading a Ruler

    What are some fun, interactive ways to teach/ reteach student's how to read a ruler?
    Niccole Haslam
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  • Shop

    I currently teach Environmental Science, Animal Science, and Plant Science. Originally the program included Ag mechanics, so we have a shop. I feel the community doesn't think we are doing anything because we don't ge...
    Amanda Taylor
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