• Ground and Aerial Robots for Agricultural Production: Opportunities and Challenges

    The Council for Agricultural Science and Technology (CAST) released a new paper, Ground and Aerial Robots for Agricultural Production: Opportunities and Challenges. It is now available for download.   Today, highly a...
    Dan Gogerty
    created by Dan Gogerty
  • Wiring Diagrams

    Hello Everyone,   As a new teacher it becomes difficult to find good resources with electricity wiring labs. Attached are images of color versions of wiring diagrams I use for my Ag. Mechanics and Ag. Structures cour...
    Sara Colombe
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  • Single Point Welding or Shop Skill Rubrics

    I am not having any luck in a search.  Does anyone have any single point rubrics for weld skills or shop procedures? Thanks in advance.
    Jason Larison
    created by Jason Larison
  • Looking for advice on hosting an Ag Mechanics contest.

    Hi all,    Currently my school is kicking around the idea of hosting an Ag Mechanics contest for the area agriculture programs to take part in. I am looking for some of the logistics of hosting such an event as well ...
    Jessie Shafer
    created by Jessie Shafer
  • Wiring Ladder Diagrams

    I am looking for resources for teaching Electrical Ladder diagrams, I have plenty of resources for wiring residential circuits. I would like to introduce ladder diagrams for electrical controls, as that is one area th...
    William Johnson
    created by William Johnson
  • Precision Agriculture

    Does anyone have any precision agriculture worksheets or labs? I am looking to teach students the following objectives: technologies, benefits, risks, GPS, VRT, Drones, Tractors, Monitor Systems, Robots, etc. Any powe...
    Lezlie Durst
    created by Lezlie Durst
  • Wood Shop Safety Test

    I am a new teacher and I am looking for a safety test to give to my Junior High Wood Shop class. If anyone is willing to share the test they give I would greatly appreciate it! Also, if you have any good ideas on teac...
    Nicole Merchant
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  • Ag structures help

    Hi All,   I am teaching a semester long Ag structures course for the first time this fall. Does anyone have materials, labs, lessons that they would be willing to share? Thanks
    Christina Bissey
    created by Christina Bissey
  • Plumbing Labs

    Does anyone have any good plumbing labs that would be good for a group of 10 juniors and seniors?  Thanks
    Ross Hastert
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  • Welding/Ag Mechanics Position in Utah

    Looking to move to Utah? We have a Welding position open at Orem High School - that will likely turn into an Ag Mechanics position next year. Apply here: https://www.astihosted.com/asd/JAMNew/Posting/Pos_DetailView.a...
    Rebecca Lawver
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  • Edible Stuff?

    I have seen and used the edible electrodes and it was a hit with my kids! Looking for any other lesson plans that are out there before I create something! Don't want to recreate the wheel!   -Electrical Circuits -P...
  • Adv. Ag Mechanics Curriculum

    This year, I will be teaching Advanced Agricultural Mechanics for the first time. I have an older curriculum on file, but want to see what curriculum other agricultural programs use. Which topics do you cover? How do ...
    Dale Cruzan
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  • Farm Power First Year Teacher

    Hello! I am a first year teacher teaching Farm Power, which is a brand new course for our school. I am in need of general resources such as worksheets and lab ideas (engine disassembly/assembly, calibrations, hydraul...
    Christina Costa
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  • Briggs and Stratton

    So... we just got new Briggs engines. They are OHV 09P702 push mower engines. Does anyone have a teardown script for taking these down? We used to have the old flathead pushmower engines and we need just a tiny bit of...
    Aaron McDonald
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  • Electrical Switches

    Hello,   I am currently preparing for my student teaching experience and have to present a lesson on electrical switches. I was wondering if anyone had any interactive activities to enhance student's understanding of...
    Kaylyn Schiber
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  • Electrical Drawings

    Does anyone have a source for symbols used in electrical drawings?  I'm specifically looking for residential wiring symbols.
    Bill Costanzo
    created by Bill Costanzo
  • Electrical Boards

    I am looking for a lesson plan, or directions on building an electrical board. I want my students to build the board for those skills and then learn wiring. Thanks!
  • Ag Mechanics CDE Tool List/ppt

    Hello Fellow Ag Teachers,   I am a student teacher in Missouri and I am training the Ag Mechanics CDE team at my host school. I am looking to see if anyone has a ppt of all the tools on the Ag Mech Repair and Maintan...
    Curtis Bowling
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  • First Time Teaching Ag Mechanics

    Hello!   Next year will be my second year teaching. I currently have a woods class (which no one signed up for) and a welding class (with on student). Next year the classes will be combined and be called Ag Mechanics...
    Siera Meyer
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  • Fence Building lessons

    Hey folks... I am in need here. I am looking for any lessons any of you have in fencing, types, materials, procedures, etc... anything dealing with farm fences. I know RedBrand has their Fencing 101 series, but they a...
    Aaron McDonald
    created by Aaron McDonald