• Welding Career Assignment

    I just made this for a kid that had a hand injury and can't weld due to stitches. I'll leave this here for anybody that needs it for sub plans or modifications. Wish you all the best. welding ag_welding sub_plans subs...
    Brent Beley
    created by Brent Beley
  • Welding Safety -- Horrible, Deadly Accident in Minnesota

    Here's just a reminder of how important it is to follow all safety measures all of the time.  See this article from the Minneapolis/St. Paul Star Tribune ...   http://www.startribune.com/local/93813424.html?elr=KArksU...
    Jay Jackman
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  • Briggs & Stratton Power Portal Video Worksheets

    Need a video guide for the videos on the Briggs & Stratton Power Portal? Look no further!   Fill-in-the-blank worksheets are created for the following videos:   Ignition Systems Compression Diagnostics Horsepower ...
    Andrea Fristoe
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  • Safe Tractor Driving--Hand Signals & Signs

    If you teach Machinery Operation and want to get your kids ready for the NSTMOP certification exam, here are some documents to help prepare students for hand signals and warning signs around equipment. This content al...
    Darla Romberger
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  • Welding Project-Need help with plans

    My ag mechanics class suggested they make toolboxes for their welding project. While I'm very excited that they are so motivated to build something they will use, I'm nervous because welding is not my strong area. At ...
    Amanda Hack
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  • 330 Week 1 DL Ag Mech 3 (1).pdf

    Here is an example of a Hyper-doc I created for my Ag Mech 3 welding class.  Some kids are actually taking this for a community college credit.  In the midst of Covid-19, I had to come up with some pretty creative rev...
    Dianna Jarema
    created by Dianna Jarema
  • Electrical Wiring Diagrams.pptx

    Looking for wiring diagrams to help teach it?  Here you go!  I created these to help my Ag Mech 1 students help visualize the circuit boards a little easier.  They are quicker at transferring the knowledge to learn to...
    Dianna Jarema
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  • Rafter Project Instructions

    I just give the students this packet and let them teach themselves.  I give different dimensions to each students so that one student does not finish the rafter and then have their classmates trace it.
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  • Small Engine Lesson Plans PDF.zip

    Attached are a set of Small Engine Lesson Plans that I put together.  They are based on Briggs and Stratton curriculum.  They are somewhat customized for my needs, but they do cover the whole process of tear-down and ...
    brad schott
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  • No Shop, No Problem: Ag Mechanics in the Classroom; The Nuts and Bolts of It

    My teaching colleague Brett Brandner and I have begun to develop and present a series of ag mechanics projects that focus on enabling new teachers or teachers without full blown shops to teach ag mechanics principles ...
    W. Kyle Hearn
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  • Get discounted welding supplies and free educational resources from Lincoln Electric

    Exclusive for educational institutions, this comprehensive web-based portal was developed to help educators get the educational materials and resources needed for any welding program.   In support of the continued eff...
    Julie Fritsch
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  • Small Engine Manual/Parts worksheet

    I edited this from another teacher from somewhere and thought I would share it with everyone. It is a good sub plan or 'rainy day' activity. This could work for any engine, but I have Briggs engines so I have all the ...
    Carlie Bossard
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  • Shop Policies and Procedures Agreement.docx

    This is a shop policies and procedures sheet that must be signed by both a parent and the student for my ag. mechanics class.
    Courtney Bahe
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  • Weld Pad Cabin

    I require that my students spend time welding and creating a weld pad to create muscle memory needed for welding. Most like this, but some do not. Students want to build something they can take home. I recently spoke ...
    Vay Jensen
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  • Mythbusters - Bikes Worksheets.docx

    Myth Busters video & questions on converting a car to motorcycle & a bike to a paddle bike.
    Jessy Reuterdahl
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  • Accident Prevention For Industrial Arts Vocational and Technical Education Programs

    Old publication by the OK Department of Ed.  Still useful.   Contains instruction on common tools and safety tests.
    Mike Spiess
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  • Ag Mechanics Shop contract

    This is a shop safety contract that is modified from the one used at the University of Central Missouri. I will have students and their parents sign it this year before they are allowed in the shop. I did not do this ...
    Joey Blackburn
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  • Tool Checkout.docx

    I'm sorry if this is a duplicate of something that someone else has posted before, but I could not find anything like this on CoP when I created it earlier this school year.  I know that most of us with a shop are lik...
    Patrick Little
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  • SGEPartsPacket.doc

    Small Gas Engines Parts Packet
    Carole Fay
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  • Battery Lecture

    Attached is a powerpoint and skeleton notes set for a Battery Lecture that I did for student teaching. This was used as part of an Electrical Wiring Unit.
    Steve Lammers
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