• Teaching Arc weldin

    Hi, I am a first year teacher and am just starting to get kids interested in the shop. However, I am unfamiliar with teaching the beginning of arc welding. How do you start this lesson and are there any lectures/Power...
    Kailee Davis
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  • Single Point Welding or Shop Skill Rubrics

    I am not having any luck in a search.  Does anyone have any single point rubrics for weld skills or shop procedures? Thanks in advance.
    Jason Larison
    created by Jason Larison
  • Pneumatics and Hydraulics

    I am looking for pneumatics and hydraulic lesson ideas.  Hands on activities that won't break the bank.  I am not an expert and looking for some manageable ideas!  Thanks!
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  • 330 Week 1 DL Ag Mech 3 (1).pdf

    Here is an example of a Hyper-doc I created for my Ag Mech 3 welding class.  Some kids are actually taking this for a community college credit.  In the midst of Covid-19, I had to come up with some pretty creative rev...
    Dianna Jarema
    created by Dianna Jarema
  • Blacksmithing/ forge Unit

    I'm looking to do an intro unit of "blackmithing"/ hot metal work.  Does anyone have some introductory materials on the topic that would be appropriate for an upper level class?  Terminology / concepts and maybe a sim...
    Raylene Russell
    created by Raylene Russell
  • Agriculture Mechanics Open House?

    I am looking for ideas/suggestions on projects that students in grades 6th-8th could complete during our Agriculture's Departments first open house. Each grade is scheduled to tour the department for a 42 minuet class...
    Jessie Shafer
    created by Jessie Shafer
  • Looking for advice on hosting an Ag Mechanics contest.

    Hi all,    Currently my school is kicking around the idea of hosting an Ag Mechanics contest for the area agriculture programs to take part in. I am looking for some of the logistics of hosting such an event as well ...
    Jessie Shafer
    created by Jessie Shafer
  • Welding Career Assignment

    I just made this for a kid that had a hand injury and can't weld due to stitches. I'll leave this here for anybody that needs it for sub plans or modifications. Wish you all the best. welding ag_welding sub_plans subs...
    Brent Beley
    created by Brent Beley
  • Briggs & Stratton Power Portal Video Worksheets

    Need a video guide for the videos on the Briggs & Stratton Power Portal? Look no further!   Fill-in-the-blank worksheets are created for the following videos:   Ignition Systems Compression Diagnostics Horsepower ...
    Andrea Fristoe
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  • Wiring Ladder Diagrams

    I am looking for resources for teaching Electrical Ladder diagrams, I have plenty of resources for wiring residential circuits. I would like to introduce ladder diagrams for electrical controls, as that is one area th...
    William Johnson
    created by William Johnson
  • Precision Agriculture

    Does anyone have any precision agriculture worksheets or labs? I am looking to teach students the following objectives: technologies, benefits, risks, GPS, VRT, Drones, Tractors, Monitor Systems, Robots, etc. Any powe...
    Lezlie Durst
    created by Lezlie Durst
  • I am taking the ag mechanics vocational teacher testing for Massachusetts, is there anyone that can help me focus my studying?

    I am taking the preliminary test for ag mechanics in Massachusetts and the categories that they give to test us on is very broad. Is there anyone who can help narrow down the topics? Any help is appreciated!
    created by Stephanie
  • Electrical Wiring Diagrams.pptx

    Looking for wiring diagrams to help teach it?  Here you go!  I created these to help my Ag Mech 1 students help visualize the circuit boards a little easier.  They are quicker at transferring the knowledge to learn to...
    Dianna Jarema
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  • Wood Shop Safety Test

    I am a new teacher and I am looking for a safety test to give to my Junior High Wood Shop class. If anyone is willing to share the test they give I would greatly appreciate it! Also, if you have any good ideas on teac...
    Nicole Merchant
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  • Electricity Lesson Plans

    Hi! I will be student teaching in January, and I am trying to find lesson plans/information on electricity.  I will be teaching a course on electricity for 10 weeks, and I am struggling to find any useful information....
    Mackenzie Crooks
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  • Ag structures help

    Hi All,   I am teaching a semester long Ag structures course for the first time this fall. Does anyone have materials, labs, lessons that they would be willing to share? Thanks
    Christina Bissey
    created by Christina Bissey
  • Building Construction Help!

    I am teaching a structural engineering class and building construction unit for the first time and would love some "seasoned" input on what major topics to cover, where I can find good (free) resources, and any teachi...
    Sarah Heilers
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  • Vehicle Maintenance

    This semester I will be teaching vehicle maintenance for the first time. I have 25 students in the class and am trying to figure out how to effectively manage the class since not all the students will be able to work ...
    Kristen W
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  • Plumbing Labs

    Does anyone have any good plumbing labs that would be good for a group of 10 juniors and seniors?  Thanks
    Ross Hastert
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  • Welding/Ag Mechanics Position in Utah

    Looking to move to Utah? We have a Welding position open at Orem High School - that will likely turn into an Ag Mechanics position next year. Apply here: https://www.astihosted.com/asd/JAMNew/Posting/Pos_DetailView.a...
    Rebecca Lawver
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