• Poinsettia Help

    I just started in a new school and I have a wonderful greenhouse (24 x 40 ft.). with 9 4x8ft benches.    I would like to grow some poinsettias this fall.  I know I have to get going if I am going to start the poinsett...
    Paul Zuelke
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  • Mixing fertilizer for poinsettias

    Need some help...and feeling slightly embarrassed... I have a Hozon Siphon (1:16 dilution ratio) and a big ol' bag of Cal-Mag fertilizer. I have no idea how to mix stock fertilizer solution - how many pounds of ferti...
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  • Landscape Design

    I am looking to improve my Landscaping Design unit... I really need something that is easy to use because it looks like I will be out on maternity leave during the time when we would cover it (go figure).  I really do...
    Lindsay Spurrier
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    I am teaching a Landscape Management Course next year for the First time, and we do not have any landscape  management text books and I am not up for new texts for awhile. Could anyone give me hints of a place that ma...
    Jennifer Steffy
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  • Geranium Issues

    So we have Geranium plugs for the first time and they appear to be yellowing and floppy.  I cut back their water because I thought that was the problem but they are continuing to yellow and look floppy... I tried Miri...
    Lindsay Spurrier
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  • Greenhouse Hydroponics

      We have two greenhouses at our school.  We are wanting to start some hydroponics in one of the houses.  Can anyone give me idea or tips that you have used.  Thanks in advance for all of your help.     Todd    
    Todd Creech
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  • How do you teach Fertilizers?

    Does anyone have any activities dealing with fertilizers (ID, applications/uses, instruction) for crop production?
    Nick Nelson
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  • Slowing Plant Growth...HELP!

    I was experimenting with some seeds that are old and haven't been stored properly to see if they would germinate. Well quite a few of them did and they are early. How can I slow the growth down and "hold them off" unt...
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  • Grow Lights - Advice?

    I need to look into getting some grow lights for my classroom.  We have no windows, so I can't even have plants growing there. Does anyone have advice for what they use for grow lights or a planting area in their clas...
    Maria Funk
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  • Student Teacher Help

    I am a student teacher in North Carolina and I am stuck on making my lesson plans. My college professor wants us to come up with new ways to deliver the lesson. When I was in high school the only way I was taught was ...
    Kim Ballance
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  • Web Soil Survey

    Does any one have a worksheet or activity that they use to show students the Web Soil Survey website? Thanks in advance!
    Shalie Terrill
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  • First Year Teacher with Greenhouse Worries.

    I am a first year teacher that will be teaching greenhouse management next trimester. Looking for anything that is willing to be shared ( lessons, curriculum maps, tips, tricks, good vibes, etc). Thanks in advance!
    Megan Clark
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  • Bulbs

    I am looking for a good bulb vendor that works well with Ag Teachers and running Purchase Orders.  I am also looking to get my hands on some of those bulbs crates to try to force bulbs with my class.  I have found tha...
    Michaela Kehrer
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  • Landscape Design software suggestions?

    I need some feedback about the pros and cons of the different landscape design software programs available.  I have researched a little bit, but have had a difficult time finding reviews from teachers!  What do you us...
    Alison McGrew
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  • Need Expertise Help! Plans for an Aquaponics System

    I currently have a student who is very interested in developing an aquaponics system in our greenhouse & I have absolutely no background and/or expertise in this area!  He has built a small scale NFT system, but we ar...
    Kristy Legler
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  • Introduction Class- Agronomy Unit

    Howdy!   I'm going to begin an agronomy  unit in my introduction class, some of my students have shown an interest in learning about the topic. I'm wondering how others have set up this unit in the past. What specifi...
    Rick Bierbrauer
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  • Sports turf management

    My school recently approached me about taking order the management of our sports fields at our school.  They have no idea what they will need or what it takes to do this because they do such a poor job now.  I am conc...
    Jeremy Ryan
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  • Landscape & Turfgrass Management

    I am a first year teacher, and I am teaching Landscape & Turfgrass Management and 2 Agriscience classes. I do not have books or any material to reference to, so I have been looking online for ideas and suggestions. So...
    Whitney Moore
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  • Looking for landscape interest approaches

    I Am looking for creative interest approaches for a landscape design class. Also ideas for a leadership course would be great too! thanks, Kate
    Kate Livingston
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  • Terrarium Project Plants

    Hello All,   I'm currently looking for some ideas of plants that I might use for a terrarium project in the class. It has been a little difficult trying to find plants smaller in size in the fall since most sops are ...
    Josh Walker
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