• Plant ID Weekly Quizzes

    I currently give a weekly plant ID quiz in my horticulture classes.  Each day I give the students a plant of the day.  Students fill out a sheet with information on the plant, paste into their plant ID book, and then ...
    Elizabeth Duncan
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  • Horticulture Warm Up

    What do you use for a warm up for your horticulture class? I was thinking of doing plant id with 1 plant per day where the students have to write down the plant information and draw a picture of the plant with weekly ...
    Elizabeth Basham
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  • Horticulture Class

    Hello All,   I am a new teacher in Eastern PA and I am long term substituting for a colleague. I am teaching a horticulture class and have been given the opportunity to revamp some of the curriculum. I was just wonde...
    Josh Walker
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  • Certification for Students?

    I was recently approached (and asked), by my administration, to suggest certifications the students could earn while in my classes (Horticulture, Landscape Design, Ag Business). The availability or ability of the stud...
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  • ISO: Killer Chemical Worksheet

    I am wanting to introduce the water cycle to my students. I am searching for the Killer Chemical worksheet. It was a descriptive sheet that had all of the characteristics of water and some statistics about it being th...
    Mia Sullivan
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  • Careers

    Does anyone have a ppt on Horticulture Careers??
    Lindsay Spurrier
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  • Poinsettia Help

    I am interested in growing poinsettias in the greenhouse this next year but have no idea where to start. I have been through many of the discussions on CoP but several are a couple years old and when I go to the websi...
    Jessalyn Schrock
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  • Horticulture End-of-Year awards ideas?

    The end of the year is fast approaching and I would love to give out some sort of award or recognition to my hardest-working students who help make the horticulture class fun and the plant sale go smoothly! Any ideas...
    Samantha Smith
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  • Ideas for School Garden with Limited Summer Maintenance?

    We have a courtyard in our middle school that you can look out on from the agriculture classroom.  My principal would like to see that area turned into a school garden, not necessarily for food production but to be ab...
    Robin McLean
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  • Creating a greenhouse plant reference book

    I would like to have my students create a plant reference book of all our plants in the greenhouse. I'm wanting something that the students can use to answer questions for the customers at the greenhouse during our sp...
    Joshua Porto
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  • Quizlets for Pests & Pesticide Education

    Hello,   The Penn State Pesticide Education is exploring Quizlet to share Pests and Pesticide Education review questions. We currently have two available Quizlets:   Pest Overview: https://quizlet.com/_1xeb0t   Pes...
    Kelly Lowery
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  • Plant Parts & Functions activities

    I am looking to start teaching my 7th grade students the parts/function of plants, but I am really looking for a fun/interactive way to help them practice the knowledge after the initial lesson.  Any ideas?
    Judith Bruns
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  • Greenhouse Management

    What are methods that you use to keep large classes (40 students) productive in the greenhouse?
    Amanda Chaney
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  • Greenhouse Production Project Help!!!!!

    Does anyone have a bedding crop project that they do in class?  I am going to have my students start seeds and grow a crop to sell to the culinary class.  Trying to wrap my head around creating a project for the kids ...
    Jenna Kotsonis
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  • Help with Greenhouse Design Lesson Plan *Student Teacher

    Hey all!   I am planning on teaching a lesson about greenhouse design.  I will be teaching in a greenhouse and was wondering if anyone had lesson plans or ideas of activities I could do to keep students engaged durin...
    Ben Conner
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  • Greenhouse construction

    I am a new teacher searching for ideas/sources for building a greenhouse.  My school is located in north Florida.  Any assistance for completing a project with no money would be greatly appreciated.
    William Tatman
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  • School Greenhouse Production Schedule

    All,   I'm part of a group of science educators working to revive my school's greenhouse program.  We successfully transformed our old greenhouse from a storage room to a nicely equipped production space this year, b...
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  • CASE: PLANT SCIENCE Help needed!

    Does anyone have the three articles that go with the Activity 7.3.2 Dependency of Animals ? The links do not work anymore and I don't have the articles save anywhere like i thought i did. If you have copies of them, c...
    Linnay Yarger
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  • Landscaping Course Help!

    I taught landscaping last year and it was kinda a flop. Aside from our great projects we did outside, my classroom curriculum needs a little help. I am wondering what are some good topics to talk about, projects (our ...
    Linnay Yarger
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  • Growing Media labs

    Do you have a growing media lab that you would be willing to share?  I am looking for an interactive lab that will keep my students interested and at the same time teach them about the different types of growing media...
    Heidi Doyle
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