• 2016 Hummert Greenhouse Operations and Hydroponics Short Courses

    Hummert International cordially invites you to attend their 21st annual Greenhouse Operations and Management Short Course and / or the 2nd annual Hydroponics Short Course at our St. Louis, Missouri headquarters.   Gre...
    Julie Fritsch
    created by Julie Fritsch
  • Help with lesson on horticultural growing media aka soilless mixes

    I'm starting a soils/fertilization unit and part of my curriculum is to teaching about different growing media used to create horticultural "soils". I'm teaching about things like vermiculite, sphagnum moss, perlite, ...
    Stacia Bennett
    created by Stacia Bennett
  • Lessons involving mushroom cultivation

    I recently received a classroom mushroom starter kit that contained everything I need in order to grow Oyster Mushrooms in my classroom (I don't have a greenhouse).   Problem is, I don't really know a thing about mu...
    Stacia Bennett
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  • Greenhouse Safety Rules

    We have a brand new greenhouse and Im going to start a lesson on GH safety once we get rolling this year. Anyone have rules that you post on the wall in the GH? Safety ppts or lesson activities you use when teaching s...
    Amy Stephens
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  • Landscape Design Curriculum?

    Just was wondering if anyone would have curriculum they would like to share for Landscape Design?  I will be teaching it next semester without a book and landscaping program.  Thanks in advance
    Craig Micheal Zwahlen
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  • Horticulture Careers Activity

    I'm a student teacher in Nebraska and I am looking for a fun activity to teach horticulture careers. The problem at my school is that right now we are moving high schools( since they got a new building) so we don't ha...
    Tyler Scott Schindler
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  • Planning a greenhouse management class

    For student teaching I will be teaching a greenhouse management class. Any ideas on structuring it? When to teach what? Any useful lesson plans?Anything would be helpful!
    Cheyenne Reid
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  • NAAE Greenhouse Construction/Improvement Grants

    Applications Due January 15, 2016 NAAE is excited to announce that it is now accepting applications from members who are seeking to implement a greenhouse construction or enhancement project for their middle school or...
    Andrea Fristoe
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  • Landscape/Athletic Turf grass Management Course

    I am a first year teacher in the process of deciding what courses to change or improve for next school year and I am looking at starting a class focusing on turf grass management and landscape. I am looking for some m...
    Brett Timmins
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  • What should my poinsettia crop look like right now?

    Hello all....I am an animal science specialist who has been put in charge of her first poinsettia crop.  My retired co-teacher is great and has been a huge help but is currently on a much deserved retreat in Germany (...
    Heidi Davis
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  • Help with a study on Communities of Practice

    I am a faculty at the University of Memphis and currently conducting a study to understand how interaction in communities of practice influence knowledge management. Please help me out by completing my survey. If poss...
    Ansah Kumi
    created by Ansah Kumi
  • Intro Lessons in Horticulture

    Hello, I'm looking for ideas and ways that you introduce Horticulture and possibly the different areas you cover during the year.  If anyone has any ideas, I'd greatly appreciate it.  Thanks so much!
    Brad Briggs
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  • Greenhouse for dummies

    Ok folks... I just got word from my admin that I have access to the greenhouse( after 4 years of trying). I will have to share with our CBI teacher and her kids(who has had control of the greenhouse for many years). I...
    Cole Andes
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  • Greenhouse Start-Up

    We are so very close to having our greenhouse built. I am just wondering what supplies that I need to start-up my greenhouse? What kind of pots, where is the best place to order plugs and seeds from? I just need some ...
  • Safety for Horticulture

    This is a new area for me and was wondering if anyone had a good lesson plan or ideas that they wouldn't mind sharing with me.  Thank You in advance.
    Jessie LeJeune
    created by Jessie LeJeune
  • hydroponics forum

    I have heard lots of discussion regarding implementing hydroponics.  Lots of you have great questions!  I have provided some hydroponic growing forums to connect you with the area experts:   Hydroponics - GardenWeb ...
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  • Syngenta Grant Offers Free Vegetable Seed to All Eligible Applicants - Due Sept 15!

    Syngenta's Grow More Vegetables Seed Grant Program is intended to encourage the establishment of gardens by schools and organizations across the United States. All eligible grant applicants will receive vegetable seed...
    Julie Fritsch
    created by Julie Fritsch
  • Online Greenhouse Management Course - Fall 2015

    The University of Arkansas is offering an online greenhouse management course in Fall 2015. Teachers are welcome to enroll in the course as non degree seeking students, and have found the course beneficial for their a...
    Kate Shoulders
    created by Kate Shoulders
  • Launching my School Greenhouse blog

    All,   Happy Friday!   As a I wrap up my first semester working in a high school greenhouse, I've decided to channel all of my questions and ideas into a new blog, The School Greenhouse It's definitely a work in pr...
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  • On-site Orchard

    Our agriculture department is growing by adding an additional acre to our on-site facilities that will house raised garden beds and an orchard. Couple of questions on the orchard aspect:   We want to do a variety of ...
    Courtney Castle
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