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  • Home Gardening & Horticulture Semester Curriculum Part 2

    Second part of materials from my Home Gardening & Horticulture Course.  This follows a weekly structure in which Monday is the inquiry-based intro (which could range from a discussion, to symptoms of an unknown disord...
    Craig A. Kohn
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  • Vermiculture.pdf

    While researching about vermiculture and trying to create lessons for my Garden Towers, I ran across this great set of lessons. It was produced by the Professional Recyclers of Pennsylvania and contains 35 different a...
    Ashton Meints
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  • Orchard Floor Management - Orchard Management

    This is a lesson that I created as part of an Orchard Management Project. If anyone would like more information/lesson plans on managing an orchard I will be more that willing to share what I have.
    Michael Cahill
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  • Lecturer Position in Horticulture and Plant Sciences at Utah State University

    Good morning,   Utah State University (USU) and the Department of Plants, Soils and Climate (PSC) is seeking applicants for a full-time, 9-month non-tenure track lecturer position (85% teaching and 15% service) in hor...
    Rebecca Lawver
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  • Teaching about Monocultures and Global Food Shortages using the feature film Interstellar.

    I recently had to get a substitute teacher for three days straight, and I was at a really weird point in my curriculum with my Horticulture 1 students (transitioning from FFA/Leadership into more horticulture instruct...
    Stacia Bennett
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  • Landscape - The Outdoor Room Design Challenge Project

    MY FAVORITE PROJECT OF ALL TIMES!!!!!!   Topics that have to be covered before this project: Drawing Tools Lettering Symbols Drawing to Scale The Outdoor Room Concept (and use areas) The Landscape De...
    Andrea Fristoe
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  • Greenhouse Insects Final Project

    Students in my Greenhouse Management class just completed a unit on Insects!  Students learned basic insect classification by mouthpart, the control of insects using various types of chemicals, and finally Integrated ...
    Kristyn Harms
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  • Soybean Lessons

    Here are some soybean Lesson Plan I created for you all to use!!
    Sarah Knutson
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  • Landscape Design Lesson

    A lesson on Landscape Design, utilizing the e-moment "go get it".
    Hannah Anderson
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  • Archive.zip

    Attached are pics of some hanging basket flowers taken 4/11.   They will be sold in about three weeks.  I am happy with these varieties.
    brad schott
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  • IntroductiontoResearch

    If you are trying to get a class started on a science fair / research project, this is a little worksheet I made up for them to explore the Scientific Method.   I'am using it with plants, but has no real specific are...
    Amanda Thorsvig
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