• Horticulture Warm Up

    What do you use for a warm up for your horticulture class? I was thinking of doing plant id with 1 plant per day where the students have to write down the plant information and draw a picture of the plant with weekly ...
    Elizabeth Basham
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  • Greenhouse Scavenger Hunt!

    This group scavenger hunt worked really well- my kiddos definitely had a better understanding of flat insert/flower pot sizes and how to distinguish between each after doing this activity.  We also do the same with a ...
    Jourdan Griffith
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  • Better photosynthesis and propagation videos and or activities? 

    Does anyone have any great lessons on Photosynthesis? I do a mini lesson and show a 25 minute video, but the videos we have here are horrible. Any help is appreciated. I am also struggling to make my propagation lesso...
    Holly Hufford
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