• Horticulture Warm Up

    What do you use for a warm up for your horticulture class? I was thinking of doing plant id with 1 plant per day where the students have to write down the plant information and draw a picture of the plant with weekly ...
    Elizabeth Basham
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  • Greenhouse Scavenger Hunt!

    This group scavenger hunt worked really well- my kiddos definitely had a better understanding of flat insert/flower pot sizes and how to distinguish between each after doing this activity.  We also do the same with a ...
    Jourdan Griffith
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  • Better photosynthesis and propagation videos and or activities? 

    Does anyone have any great lessons on Photosynthesis? I do a mini lesson and show a 25 minute video, but the videos we have here are horrible. Any help is appreciated. I am also struggling to make my propagation lesso...
    Holly Hufford
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  • Home Gardening & Horticulture Semester Curriculum Part 2

    Second part of materials from my Home Gardening & Horticulture Course.  This follows a weekly structure in which Monday is the inquiry-based intro (which could range from a discussion, to symptoms of an unknown disord...
    Craig A. Kohn
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  • Ants and Gnats in my greenhouse

    Hi I have been running a greenhouse since January with my students.  Things have been going great.    I am concerned though, because we have been starting to get some ants and gnats.  Should I be concerned? Should ...
    Wynn Clarke
    created by Wynn Clarke
  • Greenhouse Curriculum Needed!

    Help!! I have been given the task of teaching a greenhouse/horticulture class next semester, which starts next week!! Since the beginning of this school year, I have searching for resources and such but I have yet t...
    Wynn Clarke
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  • Reiley Shry Intro to Hort Powerpoints

    Hello! I am currently using the Introductory Horticulture Fifth Edition in my greenhouse class and was wondering if anyone has any powerpoints/worksheets that go with it.  I would love your help and expertise!
    Carly-Jean Schaefer
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  • Plant ID Weekly Quizzes

    I currently give a weekly plant ID quiz in my horticulture classes.  Each day I give the students a plant of the day.  Students fill out a sheet with information on the plant, paste into their plant ID book, and then ...
    Elizabeth Duncan
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  • Horticulture Class

    Hello All,   I am a new teacher in Eastern PA and I am long term substituting for a colleague. I am teaching a horticulture class and have been given the opportunity to revamp some of the curriculum. I was just wonde...
    Josh Walker
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  • Vermiculture.pdf

    While researching about vermiculture and trying to create lessons for my Garden Towers, I ran across this great set of lessons. It was produced by the Professional Recyclers of Pennsylvania and contains 35 different a...
    Ashton Meints
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  • Landscape Design curriculum

    Idaho's landscape design curriculum.     I've used it- it was a great entire curriculum that is NOT just PowerPoint based!! I also have some supplements if you're interested in additional worksheets, etc.   http://w...
    Jaysa Fillmore
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  • Seeding and Propagation test

    Just was wondering if anyone had a test over seeding and propagation.   Thanks
  • Orchard Floor Management - Orchard Management

    This is a lesson that I created as part of an Orchard Management Project. If anyone would like more information/lesson plans on managing an orchard I will be more that willing to share what I have.
    Michael Cahill
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  • Lecturer Position in Horticulture and Plant Sciences at Utah State University

    Good morning,   Utah State University (USU) and the Department of Plants, Soils and Climate (PSC) is seeking applicants for a full-time, 9-month non-tenure track lecturer position (85% teaching and 15% service) in hor...
    Rebecca Lawver
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  • Certification for Students?

    I was recently approached (and asked), by my administration, to suggest certifications the students could earn while in my classes (Horticulture, Landscape Design, Ag Business). The availability or ability of the stud...
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  • Google Sketchup for Landscape Design

    Has anyone utilized Google Sketchup for a landscape design class? I have been looking into it and just want to see if anyone has had luck with the program or if I should just purchase a program with the main function ...
    Brett Timmins
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  • Curriculum Map

    Does anyone have a good curriculum map or course outline for plant and soil science they would be willing to share?
    Mackenzie Wright
    created by Mackenzie Wright
  • Teaching about Monocultures and Global Food Shortages using the feature film Interstellar.

    I recently had to get a substitute teacher for three days straight, and I was at a really weird point in my curriculum with my Horticulture 1 students (transitioning from FFA/Leadership into more horticulture instruct...
    Stacia Bennett
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  • Horticulture Curriculum

    The CTE department in our school is being given PD time this year to write/rewrite curriculum.  I have chosen my horticulture course as the project. Any syllabi or units that could be shared would be appreciated.
    Jason Holt
    created by Jason Holt
  • Plant cuttings and grafting

    Hello!   I do not claim this as an original idea, but I was asked to share this by a couple of people. I tried a new lab (new to me anyways) to demonstrate grafting, budding, and air layering with my horticulture st...
    Rick Bierbrauer
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