• Landscape Design curriculum

    Idaho's landscape design curriculum.     I've used it- it was a great entire curriculum that is NOT just PowerPoint based!! I also have some supplements if you're interested in additional worksheets, etc.   http://w...
    Jaysa Fillmore
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  • Plant ID Weekly Quizzes

    I currently give a weekly plant ID quiz in my horticulture classes.  Each day I give the students a plant of the day.  Students fill out a sheet with information on the plant, paste into their plant ID book, and then ...
    Elizabeth Duncan
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  • whatisplantpathology.ppt

    Blake Kee
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  • ipm.ppt

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  • Intro to Hort.ppt

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  • hydroponicshighpoint.ppt

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  • Hydroponics.ppt

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  • Hydroponics PPT.pptx

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  • plant_reproduction.ppt

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  • Asexual_Plant_Propagation.ppt

    Blake Kee
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  • Plants for Food and Fibre Notes.ppt

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  • Horticulture Warm Up

    What do you use for a warm up for your horticulture class? I was thinking of doing plant id with 1 plant per day where the students have to write down the plant information and draw a picture of the plant with weekly ...
    Elizabeth Basham
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  • Greenhouse Scavenger Hunt!

    This group scavenger hunt worked really well- my kiddos definitely had a better understanding of flat insert/flower pot sizes and how to distinguish between each after doing this activity.  We also do the same with a ...
    Jourdan Griffith
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  • Better photosynthesis and propagation videos and or activities? 

    Does anyone have any great lessons on Photosynthesis? I do a mini lesson and show a 25 minute video, but the videos we have here are horrible. Any help is appreciated. I am also struggling to make my propagation lesso...
    Holly Hufford
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  • Home Gardening & Horticulture Semester Curriculum Part 2

    Second part of materials from my Home Gardening & Horticulture Course.  This follows a weekly structure in which Monday is the inquiry-based intro (which could range from a discussion, to symptoms of an unknown disord...
    Craig A. Kohn
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  • Ants and Gnats in my greenhouse

    Hi I have been running a greenhouse since January with my students.  Things have been going great.    I am concerned though, because we have been starting to get some ants and gnats.  Should I be concerned? Should ...
    Wynn Clarke
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  • Greenhouse Curriculum Needed!

    Help!! I have been given the task of teaching a greenhouse/horticulture class next semester, which starts next week!! Since the beginning of this school year, I have searching for resources and such but I have yet t...
    Wynn Clarke
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  • Reiley Shry Intro to Hort Powerpoints

    Hello! I am currently using the Introductory Horticulture Fifth Edition in my greenhouse class and was wondering if anyone has any powerpoints/worksheets that go with it.  I would love your help and expertise!
    Carly-Jean Schaefer
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  • Horticulture Class

    Hello All,   I am a new teacher in Eastern PA and I am long term substituting for a colleague. I am teaching a horticulture class and have been given the opportunity to revamp some of the curriculum. I was just wonde...
    Josh Walker
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  • Vermiculture.pdf

    While researching about vermiculture and trying to create lessons for my Garden Towers, I ran across this great set of lessons. It was produced by the Professional Recyclers of Pennsylvania and contains 35 different a...
    Ashton Meints
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