• Floral Design Curriculum

    I will be student teaching soon and I am in need of floral design curriculum. My cooperating teacher is great but has taught this too long to have any written materials still. Lessons will be fine too. I will have to ...
    Ethan Lewis
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  • Floral Portfolios

    Does anyone require students to keep a Portfolio as part of their Floral Design class?  I started doing this last year, but I could use some help.  Would anyone share what you use?  Thanks!
    Bill Costanzo
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  • Need Help with Dish Gardens

    I was wondering if anyone had any ideas or great lessons on dish gardens.  I'm doing a 5 week lesson on dish gardens and indoor propagation.  I'm not familiar with constructing dish gardens at all and the text I have ...
    Alyshia West
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  • Parade "Butt Bouquet" for horses

    Does anyone have pictures of making a butt bouquet?  I have seen them made with pool noodles.  Have you used anything else? 
    Nicole Abel
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  • Floral curriculum

    I'm completing my student teaching as of right now, and I'm about to take over the Floriculture class. I have my first unit of Conditioning and Storing Cut Flowers and Greens done and I'm going to go over Wiring Flowe...
    Kellie Lubitz
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  • Where do you order silk flowers?

    I'm slowly building an ag program in my school and kids are very active in my hort pathway, particularly floral design. where do you purchase silk flowers? We do not have a cooler or capacity for fresh flowers right n...
    Brandi Matthews
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  • Prom flowers fundraiser

    Does anyone sell wristlets and boutonnieres as a homecoming or prom fundraiser? If so, what options do you offer, how much do you charge? Any advice is welcome!
    Valerie Fry
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  • Ordering Flowers ?? Too much or too little

    Does anyone have a guide to purchasing flowers for various arrangements? I have a fairly good idea for simple vase arrangements but for a little more complex piece I start to worry I will not have enough. Is there a ...
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  • Needed: companion PPT to History of Floral Design

    Wondering if any of you fine teachers would share a companion PPT to Chapter 2: History of Floral Design out of the "Principles of Floral Design" (by Scace & DelPrince) text? My files have been damaged and I am in nee...
    created by Andrea
  • FFA Teaching Floral Design Text

    I was looking on the FFA.org website and I came across a Floral Design Set for teaching floral design. It is called Teaching Floral Design A Hands on Approach. I was wondering if anyone has used it before and if it is...
    Elizabeth Basham
    created by Elizabeth Basham
  • Ideas for Floral History student projects...

    I am going to teach floral history in the spring this year and I am in need of some good ideas of student projects.  Last year we did floral crowns from the renaissance era. I am looking for something that is a good r...
    Elizabeth Basham
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  • Alternative Floral Ideas

    Hi all! I've worked in a flower shop and love teaching floriculture, however, I'm teaching on an incredibly limited budget. Flowers are almost completely out of my budget. I'm looking for alternative design ideas that...
    Bailey Coats
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  • Floral Design Final Project

    I am stumped on what to do for a final project for my intro to floral design classes. I would like for them to make an arrangement in addition to my final exam that I have written. We have covered so many topics and I...
    Elizabeth Basham
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  • Floral Skill Sheets

    Does anyone have any floral skill sheets they would be willing to share.  I am trying to provide students and possible employers with a list of skills that the students have learned.
    Bill Costanzo
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  • Peer Review of Floral Projects

    Does anyone use Peer Review for grading Floral Projects?  If so, would you share what you have?  Thanks!
    Bill Costanzo
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  • Ch 21 Retail Floral Shop Worksheets

    Does anyone have a CH 21 worksheets/activities for the Art of Floral Design book by Delmar?
    Bill Costanzo
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  • Floral Design Class Supplies

    I am needing to purchase supplies for my floral design class. I have a limited budget for my class and so far I have spent my own money buying supplies or family members have donated them. Where do all of you that tea...
    Anna Colwell Lamb
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  • Flower Identification

    Hello, I am a student teacher with a horticulture class. I am starting a unit of floral design and want to start with flower identification. The floriculture plant ID list for the floriculture CDE is quite overwhelmin...
    Meghan Lentsch
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  • advanced floral design standards

    I am considering adding an advanced floral design class.  Does anyone have a set on contents standards/or goals and objectives?
    Tara Tatalovich
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  • Floral Design rookie

    Hello there, I am a first year Ag Science Teacher and I am so excited about having a Floral Design class for next year.  My business manager has been wonderful and pretty much told me I can get what I want to get stu...
    Kyndal Reed
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