• Floriculture/Floral Design Documents

    Before I started planning out my floriculture class for this fall, I realized that there isn't a ton of stuff on here as far as ready to use assignments and projects. (I am going on maternity leave the third week ...
    Amanda Cook
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  • Horticulture: Christmas Wreaths

    Hello!This is my first year teaching. I have a horticulture class and want to have them make Christmas wreaths to take home for break. Does anyone have any tips tricks to teaching this? Or a lesson plan they would be ...
    Sarah Jones
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  • National FFA Floriculture CDE ID of Flowers

    Attached are the practice slides I use for the National Floriculture CDE for the ID portion.  Slides can be easily swapped around and titles removed for quizzes, etc...  I do this in my floral design class.
    Jourdan Griffith
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  • Post Secondary Education in Floral Designing and Floral Business Practices

    Looking ahead to next year---this is the time of year when some of your seniors may still be trying to decide about their post high school plans......We would like to make a similar offer this season as we have in the...
    Stephen Rittner
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  • Valentine's Day PPT

    Does anyone have any good projects/packets/powerpoint/activities that they do with their floral design class? I will be making centerpieces with them but am looking for good background knowledge or statistics... Anyon...
  • Free Ebook -- Some Great Fall Floral Botanicals

    Free Identification ebook , "Some Great Fall Botanicals" found at: http://www.floralschool.com/pdfs/ebookSomeGreatFallBotanicalspdf.pdf Hope many of you find it interesting, useful and fun! Steve RittnerRittne...
    Stephen Rittner
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  • Free Ebook--Creating An Amazing Hydrangea Vase Arrangement

    Free ebook---Creating an Amazing Hydrangea Vase ArrangementFrom Rittners Floral School, Boston, MAhttp://www.floralschool.com/pdfs/ebookAmazingHydrangeaDesignpdf.pdfEnjoy!CordiallySteve RittnerDr Stephen RittnerRittne...
    Stephen Rittner
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  • Floral Design Curriculum Maps

    I am looking for any resources that teachers may have regarding Floral Design Curriculum Maps. Additionally, if you have any rubrics or neat activities for this course I would love any and all resources.
    Lindsay Wayne
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  • Resources for floral design

    I am a pre-service student looking for information on teaching floral design. What are some great resources to get information from?
    Jennifer Gardner
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  • Floral Design Videos

    My agriculture department is asking me what videos about floral design that I would like to purchase. I was wondering if anyone has come across some good DVDs that would be useful in the classroom. I have used video c...
    Elizabeth Basham
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  • Post Secondary Education in Floral Designing For Motivated Seniors

    Looking ahead to next year---this is the time of year when some of your seniors are trying to decide about their post high school plans......We would like to make the same offer this season as we did in the past.........
    Stephen Rittner
    created by Stephen Rittner
  • Sympathy Arrangement Project - Not Ackward!

    Ok People!  This is what you have all been waiting for...a way to teach sympathy arrangements without the wierdness!  WIth this project I have the obituaries provided.  If you need to get some writing into your floral...
    Sheridan Clinkscales
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  • Ch 17 Contemporary Design Styles PPT

    Does anyone have a PowerPoint, lab sheets or worksheets for CH 17 Contemporary Design Styles from the "Art of Floral Design" book?  Anything would help.  Thanks.
    Bill Costanzo
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  • Resources For Independence Day Floral Art

    Floral Designing reflects our culture.It would make sense that we can interpret just about anything via floral art, whether it is a major flower selling holiday or not. July 4th is a good case in point. It is not a ma...
    Stephen Rittner
    created by Stephen Rittner
  • Single rose/Rose Bowl

    anyone with instructions and rubric for a single rose rose bowl.
    Tracey Hartwig
    created by Tracey Hartwig
  • Floral Design/ Supplies HELP!!!!

    I am trying to get supplies ready for second semester.  Where do you order your floral design materials from?  We have nothing at our school.  So what do I need?  What type of wire, ribbons, or other material do I nee...
    John Heiser
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  • Ikebanas?

    Anyone have a worksheet/handout on Ikebanas they like? I can't find anything that great and want to do a lesson and arrangment on ikebanas to coincide with my history unit. Have done them in the past but haven'...
    Amy Morrison
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  • How To Make Any Flower Arrangement Into a Halloween Floral Design

    Visit our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/floralschool For a free ebook that covers this subject. Enjoy! Steve RittnerRittners Floral School, Boston, MAhttp://www.floralschool.com
    Stephen Rittner
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  • Arrangements In Halloween Mug Containers

    Lots of vase arrangements in Halloweeen Mug Containers....Find them at: Halloween Mugs | Facebook Enjoy! Steve RittnerRittners Floral School345 Marlborough StBoston, MA. 02115tel: 617-267-3824www.floralschool.com http...
    Stephen Rittner
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  • Floral Design Tools

    I'm getting ready to spend some of my programs funding and was hoping to purchase supplies for Floral Design. Next year will be the first time I have taught this class. I was wonder if anyone could give suggestion...
    Jaimie Antrobus
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