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Tis' the Season for Tulips (Free Resource from Rittners School of Floral Design)

Blog Post created by Alissa Smith on Apr 8, 2010


We are beginning to see the tulips pop up around my house right now. This flower was always a favorite of my students, but it sometimes was difficult to work with. I have compiled some resources you can use as you begin to talk about tulips and use tulips in arrangements in your classes.

Here is a great novelty arrangement that I am sure your student would love. You can find instructions on how to complete this arrangement using tulips and wire at

Floral Worm.jpg



Also Rittners School of Floral Design in Boston, MA has a "cookbook" that can help you design tulip arrangements. The cookbooks sell for $12.50 (which is a great price for a floral design book) and there are tons of different ones for different types of arrangements. Here is the link:

Steve Rittner of Rittners School of Floral Design has offered to even email one of these tulip lessons FREE to any of the NAAE teachers who contact him within a week of your blog about tulips appearing. That would be by Thursday, April 15th. His email is Thanks Steve for your support of the ag teachers!

Here are some additional tulip resources:

Here is a great website that talks about Tulips as a cut flower

Twisted Tulip Arrangement (uses 3 tulips)

Happy Spring!!

Also, please feel free to share with us what type of arrangements you design with your students using tulips.