Alissa Smith

Easter Fun Floral Arrangements

Blog Post created by Alissa Smith on Mar 23, 2010

In just two short weeks, Easter will be here!  This time of year we have daffodils blooming outside and the smell of spring time creeping into our classrooms.  This is usually when we all get the itch to get outside.  Well don't forget that this time of year is also a great time to do some fun spring time arrangements with your floral design class.  I have compiled a few websites with some neat ideas that you may be able to use in your classrooms.  One that I found to be extra super cute only uses one carnation.  Check it out at   This arrangment will be a hit with your students. 

Funny Bunny2.jpg

Here are some other really fun arrangment ideas that you can use in your class:

Easter Fun Centerpiece Arrangement Video How-To


Easter Egg Floral Arrangement How-To


Easter Egg Topiary How-To


Easter Egg Wreath How-To


Egg Jar with Bunny How-To



Have fun and Happy Spring!


If you do something neat in your floral design neat with Easter or Spring arrangments, please share by commenting to this blog post.  It would be neat to get a great list of spring time arrangements compiled.