Alissa Smith

Floriculture I.D.

Blog Post created by Alissa Smith on Aug 24, 2009

A great way to get your students familiar with floriculture identification is to have a "Flower of the Week". You can use the floriculture i.d. list from the National FFA Floriculture Judging CDE as a way for students to learn scientific names of plants and flowers. Each week you can have a new flower on display in your classroom. You can spend 5-10 minutes at the beginning of the class talking about identification points and students can log that information on their Floriculture I.D. sheet. This works great because students look forward to finding out what the new flower is for the week. It is very important for you to plan ahead and stay on schedule. I also recommend showing pictures of the flower on a PowerPoint and combine those pictures so that you can do floriculture identification quizzes throughout the class.

Click here to see the Floriculture Plant Identification List for the National FFA Floriculture Judging CDE



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