• Business Plan project

    I'd like to have my ag business class create business plans but I have never created one myself... any ideas to start with?  I've looked at sba.gov and have some ideas, but would like an example of guidelines, what yo...
    Sarah Heilers
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  • Independent Ag Business Class project

    I need some inspiration.  I have 10 or so students in an Intro to Ag Business class this year.  I would like to incorporate a couple of projects into the class.  I have thought about having the kids read a book one se...
    Lynn Shrock
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  • Supply Curve

    I am out student teaching and my students are having a hard time grasping the concept of supply and supply curves.  I am looking for any helpful hints or activities to help them out.  Any help is appreciated!!!
    Michaela Bengtson
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  • Activity for Business Terms?

    I'm student teaching currently, and we just got the Purdue Agribusiness Simulation. Before we start using it, we have to do a lot of terms and a lot of really dry material.   Does anyone have any activities that I c...
    Doreen Lorentz
    created by Doreen Lorentz
  • Agronomic Systems

    Would anyone have lessons/ideas on how to teach an agronomic systems class?? The teacher that I am taking over for started this program and left nothing (no books, notes, power points etc)
    Brittany Sheckler
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  • Farm Bill

    Does anyone teach anything on the Farm Bill?  Do you have resources that I can utilize in my class? I would like to get basic information to the students about the bill and what it means to agriculture.   Thanks,   ...
    Josh Christiansen
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  • Lessons on the 1980's Farm Crisis

    I am looking for materials to teach lessons on the farm crisis of the 1980's.  I am using the crisis to emphasize the relationship between money, banks, government and the economy.  Growing up in the 80's I have direc...
    Kelsey Bailey
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  • Agribusiness Discussion Topics

    I have 5 students in an Agribusiness Management class.  We do all correspondence through My Big Campus.  Does anyone have any good discussion questions you do with your kids?  I grade them on there initial response an...
    Lynn Shrock
    created by Lynn Shrock
  • Looking for Ag Business Employer Rubric

    I am starting for the first time a ag business co-op program in which my students will be leaving school early to work in the agriculture field.  I am looking for a rubric that my employer can fill out to evaluate my ...
    Dena Wuebker
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  • New Curriculum

    Is there a new curriculum out there that envolves ag business, economics, management.  I am looking for new material for next year already.  Thanks
    Ross Hastert
    created by Ross Hastert
  • Futures Market Simulation

      I am looking for an online or game that I can use to provide a hands-on learning experience on the futures market.  Any suggestions.    
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  • Ag. Commodity Trading Activity

    I'm teaching a Global Ag. Unit to my Principles of Ag. Science class and I really want to find a commodity trading activity to drive the concept home.  I used something a few years ago that gave the kids what they had...
    Nicki Jones
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  • Ag Buisness for Student Teaching

    I just started my student teaching and I am covering Ag Buisness, Ag Marketing, Ag Sales, and a little bit of Ag Comm. I have a great idea for an activity, but I am struggling getting all the worksheets, and senarios ...
    Hailey Mae Haslam
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  • What do you use to teach marketing in an ag business class?

    Does anyone have a resource they use to teach up to date futures marketing lessons.
    Charles Sappington
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  • Mandatory Labeling

    Will the past years passage of the USDA's ruling on mandatory country of origin labeling, entice you to pay more attention to the origin of the products you purchase? Will you focus on American made/grown more?
    Karla Turner
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  • Farm Business Management

    I am doing research on Farm Business Management for my AgEd Class...can you give me information on this topic thanks...
    James Andrew Billinger
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  • Teaching Consumer Ed/Econ...ideas?

      I have recently been hired to a new program in which I have to teach a Consumer Ed/Econ for consumer Ed credit (semester course). I am looking for neat and innovative ways to teach this course in such a way that it...
    Christie Joehl
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