• Curriculum Information for Introduction to Agribusiness Course

    This is the curriculum used for the Dual Enrollment, Introduction to Agribusiness course offered in Pennsylvania through Harrisburg Area Community College.   There are a lot of documents, so I will post the informati...
    Sherisa Nailor
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  • Commodity Challenge

    Has anyone or does anyone use the commodity challenge game for their ag business class? I have never used it and do not know a lot about how it works or how good of a tool it is for an ag business class. Could someone...
    John Daniels
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  • USDA Risk Management Education Lesson Plans

    Free USDA Risk Management Education Lessons Plans are now available from the Team Ag Ed Learning Center at http://aged.learn.com Lessons include: ·         Better marketing planning ·         Using the USDA-RMA Web si...
    Julie Fritsch
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  • Activities for Ag Econ

    Hello! I am a student teacher this semester and I am currently teaching a Ag Econ class. My students are getting sick of worksheets and I would love to be able to have more fun and hands-on activities for my students...
    Karli Savaloja
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  • Ag Business Curriculum

    Jessy Reuterdahl from Missouri posted this into a discussion about a complete Ag Curriculum.   Here is what he posted: Please find the new FCS Sponsored Missouri Ag Business/Ag Econ Curriculum site.  Agriculture Man...
    Christie Joehl
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  • Fruit Sale run by Ag Business Class

    Hi everyone,      I am getting ready to start my first year of teaching and I am preparing a course outline for my Ag Business class. I know that many people run their FFA fundraisers, such as their fruit sale, throu...
    Deanna Miller
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  • Global Agricultural Rankings

    Hello,   I am working on a lesson that includes statistics comparing the US to other countries in terms of agricultural production. For example, US is ranked 1st in beef production, etc.   Does anyone have any exa...
    Ashton Meints
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  • Break Even Pricing

    Does anyone have a lesson on figuring break even prices they could share?
    Jenny Milligan Bradley
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  • Budgeting and Personal Finance

    Although this is not an Agriculture specific site (I've been using it with my Career Launch class), I wanted to share with you two interactive games my students have completed in our Personal Finance Unit that might b...
    Robin McLean
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  • Ag Business Question-Only one student in my class

    I come from a very small school where most of our classes are very small.  I am going to be teaching Ag Business and I only have one student enrolled in the class.  I still want to teach balance sheets, income stateme...
    Megan Virgil
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  • Commodity Challenge: A free resource for teaching about commodity markets and marketing

    Hi. My name is Edward Usset and I am a grain marketing specialist and teacher with the Center for Farm Financial Management at the University of Minnesota. I am happy to introduce you to Commodity Challenge, an on-li...
    Edward Usset
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  • Marketing resources

    From the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center, check out the website for newletters, a full curriculum, and more. www.agmrc.org
    Nina Crutchfield
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  • First Day Activity for Ag Business Class

    Our first we of school we only go Thursday and Friday.  Our school encourages us to jump right into content those days instead of going over syllabi and such.  Does anyone have any activities, preferably hands-on or s...
    Heather Hill
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  • Ag Business

    Hello,   I am a first year teacher, I just started this month.  I am teaching an Ag Business class with three students in it, I have some materials from my cooperating teacher during student teacher, I plan on using ...
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  • Grapes of Wrath

    I just started reading Grapes of Wrath for my Ag Bus kids and I can't put it down.  Unfortunately, I know my kids will not be the same.  I, however, am not an English teacher and have no idea where to start when it co...
    Lynn Shrock
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  • Free Lessons on Co-ops

    At National Convention the NFU booth was handing out jump drives with curriculum, there is curriculum on cooperatives as well as other content areas. The link to the curriculum on line is: Education Materials  I had a...
  • John Deere Farm and Ranch Business Management

    Hello, I have just begun my first year teaching Ag as a long-term substitute. The Agriculture Business class uses the John Deere Management books but students seem to be struggling with remebering all of the informat...
    Sasha Diederich
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  • Farming in the Gilded Age: A Simulation

    I follow @teachingchannel on twitter and saw this post this morning - Using Simulations To Help Students Understand Lessons. Although it is a lesson for a US History class, I can certainly see applications of the proj...
    Robin McLean
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  • Ag Law

    Does anyone have any good resources, lesson plans, or activities for teaching a unit on Ag Law? I have the John Deere Farm & Ranch Management book but I was wondering if anyone had things other than that and that migh...
    John Daniels
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  • Ag Law

    I am looking for a unit to teach seniors on Ag Law.  Is there any good curriculum out there that deals with ag law?  We have 3 weeks until Xmas break and I would like to slip this unit in.  Thanks in advance for your ...
    Ross Hastert
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