• Paper work for animals in the classroom??

    As I've posted before, I plan to start teaching a Small Animal Care I course this Spring. Once our new school is built-or closer to that time, I will also implement Small Animal Care II and Veterinary Science to our c...
    Kathryn Simunich
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  • Small Animal Technology- Curriculum Question

    I'm gearing up to teach a Small Animal class in the spring.  I've taught this class before, but haven't been happy with it.  I wondered if anyone has ever used the Small Animal Management materials from IMS, and if so...
    Nicki Jones
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  • Name of Class

    I have heard that calling your small animals course something along the lines of "companion animal science" proves to entice more students. What do you think?
    Hannah  Taylor
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  • ANimal welfare/rights

    I teach a unit on animal rights/animal welfare.  Afterv  viewing videos by different animal rights organizations (PETA, HSUS, STOP CRUELTY),   Although these videos are often shot without permission, our agriculture p...
    Tara Tatalovich
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  • Pet Survey Project?

    Has anyone done a pet survey project for dogs and cats?  If so, I could really use some documents to help me get started.  How do you help students create questions for the survey?  What format do you use?  Thanks.
    Wil Baxley
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  • Best Curriculum

    Anyone using an Small Animal Science Curriculum that they absolutely love?  I may offer something along a semester of Small Animal Care.  Easy in, Easy Out -- not part of my sequential program.   Responses or Suggest...
    Matt Eddy
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  • Small Animals Project

    I am going to be gone for about 10 days in January and am looking for a project that my students can work on that is self directed.  The small animal science class that I teach covers cats, dogs, and horses in depth, ...
    Michelle Meier
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  • Ethics Discussion in Small Animals?

    I am teaching a Small Animals class for the first time EVER, and am looking for a good way to introduce Ethics and the Animal Rights vs Animal Welfare debate in the context of the companion animal industry.  I am look...
    Amber Seibert
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  • Where Do I Start??

    I've just been told today that I am now going to be teaching a Small Animal Care course for 8th graders.  There will be two classes that meet every other day for 90mins. for the entire school year.  The first day of c...
    Sherry Dorrier
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  • Animal Planet - Dogs 101

    One of my students yesterday introduced to Dogs 101 on Animal Planet, since we had just started our dog unit.  Does any use any of these dog based resources in lessons?  If so, could you share how you incorporate them...
    Robin McLean
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  • Small Animal CDE Resources?

    Does anyone have suggestions for resources that we can use to study anatomy for the the Small Animal CDE?  We always seem to have a hard time finding good pictures of the different systems of the species.  (digestive,...
    Stacy Fritz
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  • Pet Care Handouts

    Reflecting on the years when I was teaching…much like yours…my summers were extremely busy with leadership camps, workshops, conventions, etc.  But, I found it to be a good time to plan my teaching strat...
    Charles Casada
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  • videos/dvd's

    Does anyone know of a good OSHA/Safety video for small animal?
    Karen Bowles
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  • Equine Classes?

    What are some interactive ways to get students involved with horses in an equine classroom?
    Amberley Snyder
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  • Video Worksheet for Hidalgo

    Does anyone have a video worksheet to go with the movie Hidalgo? I am looking for something that I could leave with a sub for this week. Thanks!
    Frannie Pena
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  • Head Stall/Bridle Making Project

    I heard of other teachers that they have students make a head stall to go along with the tack unit in their Equine Science classes. They used a pattern and supplies from Tandy Leather, but I am wondering if anyone els...
    Frannie Pena
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  • Equine Anatomy Interest Approach

    Hey everyone! I am currently in the semester before student teaching, and I am preparing lessons that I can use.  I would really like to teach about equine external anatomy, but I can't think of any good interest appr...
    Tiffany Bushman
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  • Horse Colors-Genetics

    Greetings!   Currently I'm struggling with the genetics behind horse colors.  I've looked at multiple resources and yet I still cannot wrap my brain around this.  I'm hoping for someone to have something to pass my w...
    Jeanna Burgan
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  • Does anyone have a 'how much does it cost to raise a horse'  project?

    In the last few weeks of the semester I would like to take a look at more of the economic aspects of the horse industry (costs, insurance etc).   Does anyone have materials, project plans, rubrics that would fit in ...
    Kristen W
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  • In need of a great Equine A&P Unit with Project?

    I am looking for a great A&P Unit with a project.  Any ideas??
    Sheridan Clinkscales
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