• Labs for Basic Animal Science

    I will be teaching a new class next year that includes a basic animal science unit. This class will be offered to 8th & 9th graders as an intro Ag class covering all the Career Pathways.In the past I have been teachin...
    Henry Paris
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  • Board policies

    Hello all!   Does anyone have board policies in regards to live animals in your classroom/program?  I am working on writing new policy with our superintendent and would like to know what is already out there!   Thanks!
    Taryn Romanczak
    created by Taryn Romanczak
  • Dog Lesson Plans?

    I am a pre-service teacher at Penn State, I will be teaching a unit on dogs in the spring and I was wondering if anyone had any lesson plans for dog training or the domestication of dogs? Thanks for the help!
    Matt Holt
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  • Vet Science labs

    Houdy folks,   I am planning for my vet science unit/6 weeks in the spring. I have a great curriculum that our state ag ed dept provided for us, it covers almost everything I could come up with that I used last year....
    Cole Andes
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  • Paid Position: I need a Subject Matter Expert to create a short Sheep curriculum

    Hey all,  I am looking for a Subject Matter Expert/Teacher on Sheep. We are in need of a curriculum writer to create lessons on Sheep anatomy, sheep digestion and sheep reproduction. We would be contracting your to c...
    Jamey McIntosh
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  • New teacher needs help with lesson plans--Milk quality unit, Making yogurt and cheese, digestion.

    Hello Everyone,   I will start teaching in the spring and I need some help getting started. I need to have everything turned in by the beginning of January so please get back to me as soon as possible. If anyone has...
    Jamie Finch
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  • Does anyone have a webquest for middle school animal science?

    Looking for a webquest that middle school can do.
    Jessica Grubbs
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  • Meat Cuts - please help provide feedback on most important meat cuts, take this survey and get a $5 Amazon gift card

    I am looking for some feedback on the most important beef cuts and pork cuts that you teach in your classes. If you could take this 5 minute survey to help me understand what you teach most I will send you $5 Amazon g...
    Jamey McIntosh
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  • Rabbit dissection journals

    I'm teaching an animal science class with a dissection component. Does anyone else dissect rabbits? What do you use for a lab journal?
    Rose Hartschuh
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  • Grading Livestock Lesson Plans?

    Does anyone happen to have a lesson plan or activities that help teach livestock grading to high school students?  In my ANS 1 class we do a unit on Beef Quality & Yield Grades, Feeder Steer & Heifer Grades, Slaughter...
    Laura Parker
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  • grade break down

    Hello!   Our school is looking at revising the grade breakdown for marking period grades (i.e. the percentage of what the components count) .  Can everyone give input on what your current breakdown is?   Thank you s...
    Taryn Romanczak
    created by Taryn Romanczak
  • Class Pets

    I have 2 guinea pigs as class pets.  Students have been asking to take them home over the weekends and school breaks.  Does anyone have a policy, tips, or pros/cons for allowing students to take home class pets? 
    Tiffany Walters
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  • How do you teach therapy animals

    Hello All,   I'm looking to add some more content to my Small Animal Science class. How do you teach therapy animals to your small animal science class? I'm hoping to add more than just a video on therapy animals.   ...
    Rick Bierbrauer
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  • Animal Welfare/Rights Lesson Plans/Activities

    Does anyone happen to have Animal Rights/Welfare lesson plans and/or activities that I could use to teach my freshman? I've searched around and can't seem to find much that is not one-sided. I think I'm going to make ...
    Alison Derringer
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  • Supply List for Small Animal Care

    Would anyone like to share what they purchase for their Small Animal Class each year? I have only taught the Small Animal Care I and will be teaching Small Animal Care II in the fall. I do know that the supplies are g...
    Kathryn Simunich
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  • Issues in Animal Science

    Hey Everyone! I was hoping to get some help with informing my students about controversial topics in Animal Science. I am Confident with my lesson pertaining to rights vs welfare but I am really struggling to debunk...
    Paige Levandowski
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  • Chicken Eggs

    Hi All, In an effort to recruit students from a robust 4-H program in our county, I am planning on bringing in a small laying chicken flock.  Is anyone who is raising chickens giving eggs to your Culinary program or ...
    Erik Fargo
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  • Off campus partnership with Animal Science???

    I am looking for help with designing a partnership with an off campus farm with Animal Science program. We are not allowed to house animals at our school. Why? I have no clue. The district keeps saying it is a town or...
    Cheryl Vest
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  • Sutures & Stitches Lab

    I am looking for a lab that I can do in either my Advanced Life Science Animals or Animal Science class on sutures and stitches.  Does anyone have a lab that they would share with me.   Thank You!
    Nancy Bell
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  • HELP!!! I am working on my creative component for my masters need help with ANIMAL SCIENCE RESOURCES!!!

    HELP!!! I am working on my creative component for my masters. I am working on a supplement guide full of activities, worksheets, and labs for each species of the large animal science class. I am wondering if any one h...
    created by Renee